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Username First Name Last Name Titlesort icon Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
bhendrix Burke Hendrix Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies Political Science 920 PLC Summer term – no office hours 541-346-2856
jlowndes Joseph Lowndes Associate Professor Ethnic Studies, Political Science 919 PLC Summer term – no office hours 541-346-1478
lskalnes Lars Skalnes Associate Professor Political Science 929 PLC Summer term – no office hours 541-346-4886
pyamin Priscilla Yamin Associate Professor Ethnic Studies, Political Science 924 PLC Summer term – no office hours 541-346-4879
epederso Eric Pederson Associate Professor Linguistics 375 Straub Hall Summer: email for appointment 541-346-3900
vkapatsi Vsevolod Kapatsinski Associate Professor Linguistics 367 Straub Hall Summer: email for appointment 541-346-3923
tsk Tyler Kendall Associate Professor Linguistics 373 Straub Hall Summer: email for appointment 541-346-3199
ybraun Yvonne Braun Associate Professor Interim Department Head, WGS International Studies, Women's And Gender Studies 318 Hendricks Hall Spring 2017: Thursdays 1:00-3:00 and by appointment 541-346-5752
kathiec Kathie Carpenter Associate Professor Department Head International Studies 356 PLC Spring 2017:Mondays 2:00-4:00 or by appointment 541-346-3898
dhindery Derrick Hindery Associate Professor International Studies 345 PLC Summer office hours: by appointment 541-346-6106
swooten Stephen Wooten Associate Professor Environmental Studies, International Studies 354 PLC Spring 2017: by appointment 541-346-5299
mbaeseberk Melissa Baese-Berk Associate Professor Linguistics 279 Straub Hall Summer: email for appointment (541) 346-3899
emilie Emilie Hooft Toomey Associate Professor Earth Sciences 125C Cascade Hall 541-346-1455
qjin Qusheng Jin Associate Professor Earth Sciences 320 Cascade Hall 541-346-4999
rempel Alan Rempel Associate Professor Earth Sciences 108 Volcanology 541-346-6316
hkaufman Heidi Kaufman Associate Professor English Department, Judaic Studies Program 365 PLC Spring term: W 9:30-11:30 541-346-3932
fujiwara Lynn Fujiwara Associate Professor Academic Advisor Ethnic Studies 206 Alder Building Spring term: none 541-346-0902
raiskin Judith Raiskin Associate Professor Comparative Literature Department, Judaic Studies Program, Women's And Gender Studies 321 Hendricks Hall Spring 2017: Tuesdays 2:00 - 3:15 & Thursdays 3:00 - 5:00 and by appointment. 541-346-2566
ecorwin Eric Corwin Associate Professor Physics Department 373 Willamette Hall 541-346-4697
danielb Daniel Buck Associate Professor Geography 109 Condon Hall 541-346-2353
scohen Shaul Cohen Associate Professor Co-Director, Peace Studies Program, The University of Oregon Carnegie Council Global Ethics Fellow Geography, Judaic Studies Program 107G Condon Hall 541-346-4500
mba Michael Aguilera Associate Professor Latin American Studies, Sociology 732 PLC Mon & Wed 1:30-2:30pm 541-346-5059
aarong Aaron Gullickson Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies Sociology 727 PLC Wed 11-2pm 541-346-5061
gmclauch Greg McLauchlan Associate Professor Sociology 634 PLC Retired; no office hours 541-346-5028
norgaard Kari Norgaard Associate Professor Native American Studies, Sociology 604 PLC Thurs 2-4pm 541-346-8615
otis Eileen Otis Associate Professor Sociology 715 PLC Wed 1:45-3:45pm 541-346-7102
caleb Caleb Southworth Associate Professor Sociology 740 PLC Tue 1:30-3:30pm, Thurs 5-6pm (email), & by appointment 541-346-5002
vasquezj Jessica Vasquez-Tokos Associate Professor Ethnic Studies, Latin American Studies, Sociology 729 PLC Mon 1:30-3:30pm & by appointment 541-346-5165
fonstad Mark Fonstad Associate Professor Geography 107F Condon Hall 541-346-4208
dgavin Daniel Gavin Associate Professor Department Head Geography 110 Condon Hall 541-346-5787
meehan Katie Meehan Associate Professor Geography, Latin American Studies 107C Condon Hall 541-346-4521
xiaobo Xiaobo Su Associate Professor Geography 175 Condon Hall 541-346-4568
mjstern Michael Stern Associate Professor Director of Undergraduate Studies (Scandinavian) Comparative Literature Department, German & Scandinavian, Humanities Program, Philosophy Department 409 Friendly Hall 541-346-4256
cristea Anca Cristea Associate Professor Economics 514 PLC By appointment 541-346-1245
bchansen Benjamin Hansen Associate Professor Economics 539 PLC By appointment 541-346-4658
swb Shannon Boettcher Associate Professor Inorganic and Materials Chemistry, ONAMI Signature Researcher Chemistry and Biochemistry 435 LISB 541-346-2543
bnolen Brad Nolen Associate Professor Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics Chemistry and Biochemistry 293 Klamath Hall 541-346-7412
cpage Catherine Page Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Solid-State Chemistry & Materials Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry 434 LISB 541-346-4693
pluth Mike Pluth Associate Professor Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Bioinorganic Chemistry Chemistry and Biochemistry 355B Klamath Hall 541-346-7477
nandrade Nathanael Andrade Associate Professor Classics 313 McKenzie Hall On leave AY 2016-2017; available by email 541-346-9045
inaasim Ina Asim Associate Professor History, Humanities Program 317 McKenzie Hall On sabbatical, AY 2016-17 541-346-6161
lfbraun Lindsay Braun Associate Professor History 311 McKenzie Hall Fall 2017: W 2:00-4:30pm & by appt. 541-346-4838
hanes Jeff Hanes Associate Professor History 327 McKenzie Hall Spring 2017: Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:00 pm, by appointment. 541-346-4837
kimball Alan Kimball Associate Professor History 367 McKenzie Hall 541-346-4813
mccole John McCole Associate Professor Comparative Literature Department, History 303 McKenzie Hall Spring 2017: Wednesday 3:30-5:00 pm, by appointment. 541-346-5906
gjs George Sheridan Associate Professor History, Humanities Program 359 McKenzie Hall Spring 2017: Tuesday 3:45-5:00 pm or by appointment only on Thursdays, after 4:00 pm. 541-346-4832
valiani Arafaat Valiani Associate Professor History 369 McKenzie Hall By appointment. 541-346-5763
jweise Julie Weise Associate Professor Ethnic Studies, History, Latin American Studies 353 McKenzie Hall Spring 2017: Wednesday 3:00-3:45 pm, Thursday 2:30-3:15 pm. 541-346-4833
weisiger Marsha Weisiger Associate Professor Julie and Rocky Dixon Chair of U.S. Western History; Director of Graduate Studies Historic Preservation, History 381 McKenzie Hall 541-346-4824
rczahler Reuben Zahler Associate Professor Director, General Social Sciences Program History, Latin American Studies 307 McKenzie Hall Spring 2017: Wednesday 1:00-3:00 pm, or by appointment. 541-346-5907