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Dr. Mauricio is interested in research focused on the translation of evidence-based interventions for sustainable delivery in real-world settings. Broadly, her research examines the influence of program implementation on program outcomes. For example, she is interested in understanding how cultural, sociodemographic, individual, and family-level factors as well as intervention-group level factors influence engagement in family-centered interventions and how heterogeneity in engagement links to intervention outcomes. She is also interested in heterogeneity in implementation readiness among providers of evidence-based programs and how this heterogeneity relates to implementation fidelity. She uses her research results to adapt implementation competency drivers, such as provider selection, training, consultation, and fidelity monitoring. More recently, Dr. Mauricio has also engaged in research that focuses on increasing opportunities for SARS-C0V-2 testing and vaccination and understanding barriers to testing and vaccination among underserved populations with high rates and disparities of COVID-19 infection, morbidity, and mortality.