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For me, philosophy is a practice of reflection on the world that we live in and our place in it. I work primarily in feminist philosophy, because it allows me to explore questions like these:  What does it mean to be woman?  Who has the power or authority to decide what it means to be a woman and how did they get it? What does it mean to be a man? Why? How are those meanings worked on in our bodies, our image-world, our language and the material relations that structure our lives at every level?  What is freedom and what is justice when it comes to gender and/or sexual difference? How is gender made, meaning literally, how is it produced? I am particularly concerned with how the lived experience of gender interfaces with political phenomena like nationalism, war and authoritarianism. Below I've provided links to some of my publications.

Read "Rape and Social Death" here.

Read "Femininity Shame and Redemption" here.

Read “Creepers, Flirts, Heroes and Allies: Four Theses on Men and Sexual Harassment” here.

Read “What Should Feminists Do about Nature?” here:

Read “Gender Apparatus: Lessons from the War on Terror” here.

Read “Vampire Love: The Second Sex Negotiates the 21st Century” here.