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Dennis Howard has been connected to the University of Oregon for more than fifty years since graduating with a BS in 1966. He served on the UO faculty on two separate occasions before joining the Lundquist College of Business as a professor of sports business with the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center in 1997. Just prior to joining the college, he served six years as the director of the graduate program in sport management at Ohio State University. He has also been a faculty member at Texas A&M and Pennsylvania State University.

Considered the leading authority on sports finance, Howard has authored three books and more than 100 articles in sports and leisure management and marketing publications. Most notably, his book Financing Sport (coauthored with John L. Crompton) pioneered the application of business and financing principles to the sports industry.

In addition to his scholarly achievements, Howard is an accomplished and respected teacher that always puts students first. He initiated the college's ties to the Pacific Rim, helping to launch the first sports business program in China at Fudan University and playing a leading role in the college's Engaging China initiative, which gives students real-world insights into business in China through annual study tours to Beijing and Shanghai. Moreover, his dedication and service to the university have been essential to improving and evolving the education and quality of life that define the University of Oregon.

Professionally, Howard has actively engaged with industry, bringing his extensive knowledge, keen insights, and connections to bear while serving as a consultant to key sports franchises, companies, and markets. He is a go-to source for media seeking insights into sports business, and he is among the most quoted and cited authorities at the University of Oregon. Article, "Using the Psychological Commitment to Team (PCT) Scale to Segment Sport Consumers Based on Loyalty," with Robert Madrigal and Daniel Mahony was acknowledged by Sport Marketing Quarterly in 2011 for "20-20 Award" as one of Top 20 articles over the past twenty years.

Prior to his academic career, Howard held management roles in municipal government in Oakland and Mountain View, California.