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Devin Howington is an ADR Associate at ICMresolutions, where she assists with facilitation and trainings on mediation skills and the psychology of conflict. She received her PhD in Social Psychology and her Masters in Conflict and Dispute Resolution from the University of Oregon. While in graduate school she taught courses on psychology and research methods and has continued teaching with Sam Imperati on his conflict resolution trainings and for presentations at various conferences.
Devin is also a trained mediator, completing the family mediation internship at Lane County Family Mediation and volunteering as a small claims mediator. She continues to volunteer for family mediation and small claims mediation. She has also trained as a volunteer in the Racial Equity Facilitation program provided by Resolutions Northwest in Portland. Devin is knowledgeable about culturally sensitive practices in conflict resolution, understanding biases, interpersonal perception, and the psychology of conflict with a focus on cross-group dynamics and communication.