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* Manuscripts

* Book Chapters
  • “The Reception of Homer in the French Enlightenment.” In Brill’s Companion to the Reception of Homer from Byzantium to the Enlightenment. Eds. Christina-Panagiota Manolea and Antony Makrinos. Leden, Netherlands: Brill, forthcoming.
  • "Germaine de Staël Defines Romanticism, or the Analogy of the Glass Harmonica." In Staël’s Philosophy of the PassionsSensibility, Society, and the Sister Arts . Eds. Tili Boon Cuillé and Karyna Szmurlo. Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press. 2013. p. 263-280.
  • “Early French Romanticism.” In A Companion to European Romanticism, Michael Ferber ed. 600 p. Blackwell: December 2005. p. 172-191.
* Peer-Reviewed Articles
* Translation

Wallace Shawn, La Fièvre. Paris: Les Editions du Paquebot, 2014.

Edition in preparation
 François- René de Chateaubriand, Les Natchez. With Pierre Glaudes and Pierino Gallo. Paris: Champion.