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Writing at Russia’s Border, University of Toronto Press, 2008.

Published Articles and Book Chapters (refereed)

“The ‘Anti-Polish’ Poems and ‘I Built Myself a Monument...’: Politics and Poetry,” in Taboo Pushkin: Topics, Texts, Interpretations, edited by Alyssa Gillespie, University of Wisconsin Press, 2012: 283-317.

Russian Women Travelers in Central Asia and India,” The Russian Review 70 (January 2011): 1-19.

‘Barbarus hic ego sum’: Pushkin and Ovid on the Pontic Shore,” Pushkin Review 8: 1-15, 2005.

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“The Captivating Crimea: Visions of Empire in ‘The Fountain of Bakhchisarai,’” in Russian Subjects: Nation, Empire, and Russia’s Golden Age, ed. Monika Greenleaf and Stephen Moeller-Sally, Northwestern University Press, 1998: 123- 148.

“Literary Imperialism, Narodnost’, and Pushkin’s Invention of the Caucasus,” The Russian Review, vol. 53, July 1994: 336-352.

Non-refereed Publications


Russian Romantic Prose: Lermontov and Gogol,” entry in Oxford Handbook of European Romanticism, ed. Paul Hamilton, submitted May 31, 2013.

“Suwarrow, Souvaroff: Byron's Russia and Pushkin's Political Poems of 1831,” Zapadnyi pushkinizm i rossiiskii baironizm: problemy vzaimosviazei. Materialy XIX mezhdunarodnoi konferentsii Rossiiskoi assotsiatsii prepodavatelei angliiskoi literatury. Moscow, Literary Institute in the name of M. Gorky (2009): 163-178.

“In Defense of Empire: ‘The Bronze Horseman’ and ‘To the Slanderers of Russia,’” Beyond the Empire: Images of Russia in the Eurasian Cultural Context, ed. Tetsuo Mochizuki, 21st Century COE Program Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 17: 149-166, Hokkaido University Slavic Research Center, April 2008.


“Why Pushkin Did Not Become a Decembrist,” by Igor Nemirovsky, in Taboo Pushkin: Topics, Texts, Interpretations, edited by Alyssa Gillespie, University of Wisconsin Press, 2012: 60-83.

“Pushkin and Metropolitan Philaret,” by Oleg Proskurin, in Taboo Pushkin: Topics, Texts, Interpretations, edited by Alyssa Gillespie, University of Wisconsin Press, 2012: 112-156.

Works In Progress/Under Submission

The Politics of Travel: Writing the Russian Empire.
Book manuscript in progress (single author monograph).

“Travel as Spectacle,” article in progress (co-authored with Anindita Banerjee).

Book Reviews

Alexander Etkind, Internal Colonization: Russia’s Imperial Experience (Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2011), Slavic And East European Journal, to be published in SEEJ 57.4 (Winter 2013, pages pending).

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