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My instructional practice focuses on graduate student professional development, leadership, and career planning in Planning, Public Policy & Management. I also love working with our undergraduate students!

In my courses, students engage in applied and experiential learning to prepare them for the professional, leadership, and career goals they have identified. They have opportunities to build specific knowledge bases, skill sets, and professional practices. I encourage students to explore significant concerns around the interdisciplinary nature of and power dynamics of managing and administering, critiquing and interpreting, writing and researching. I support and guide students through plans for their professional life, including development of skills, knowledge, and experience through internship, fellowships, jobs, and other career opportunities.

I have served in roles such as the Director of UO Common Reading, an invited member of the Task Force on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the international Association of Arts Administration Educators, the Education Excellence Committee for the DKG International Women Educators Group - Oregon, general and asistant managers of local theatre companies, and advisory boards for ArtCore, the Oregon Cultural Advocacy Coalition, and the Oregon Arts Commission, among many other roles.


Current UO Courses

PPPM 412: Professional Development & Internship

PPPM 494: Practice of Leadership & Change

PPPM 604: Internship

PPPM 604: Internship Nonprofit

PPPM 605: Reading

PPPM 606: Special Problems

PPPM 623: Professional Development I

PPPM 663: Professional Development II


Past UO Courses

AAD 199: Portable Life Museum
AAD 199: Art Meets Science: Making the Invisible Visible

AAD 199: Creative Collaborations

AAD 250: Art & Human Values
AAD 251: Art and Visual Literacy
AAD 252: Art and Gender

AAD 301: Understanding Arts & Creative Sectors
AAD 312: Arts Management

AAD 421/521: Cultural Programming
AAD 471/571: Performing Arts Management


Courses at Prior Institutions

Theatre Across the Disciplines

Writing Across the Disciplines

Costuming for the Stage

Theatre History I

Makeup for the Stage

Theatre Projects

Managing and Organizing Your Time

Introduction to Professional Writing and Communications


Awards and Recognitions

UO Sustainability Teaching Award, June 2023

UO Sustainability Fellowship, June 2022 - June 2023

UO Leadership Academy, June 2021- June 2022

UO Global Justice Program Savage Endowment for International Relations and Peace Grant: Elevating Black and Indigenous Communities April 2021-June 2022

UO Communities for Accelerating the Impact of Teaching (CAITS/pre-CAITS) Faculty Member:

  • Career Readiness, June 2020-June 2021
  • Working Group on Inclusive and Intercultural Teaching, 2017-2018
  • Contemplative Pedagogy Working Group, 2016-2017

UO Teaching Academy, since 2017

UO Williams Fellow for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence 2017-2018

UO Rippey Innovative Teaching Awards, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012