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Kelly Densmore is an Instructor in the Department of Landscape Architecture, in the School of Architecture and Environment at the University of Oregon. Densmore teaches the Fall and Spring Plants courses in the Department of Landscape Architecture. Coursework focus is on plant identification, understanding landscapes, mapping, planting design theory and soil science with the intention of observing and exploring ways that plants may be used in design to support both human needs and eco system function. Themes include but are not limited to storm water gardens, phytoremediation, pollinator gardens, green roofs, color-based design, perennial edibles, drought tolerant, native and native analogue for climate change resilient landscapes and native plant restoration.

After receiving her Master’s degree she worked for the local Landscape Architecture and Planning firm Cameron McCarthy which afforded her the opportunity to participate on design work for local and regional projects, always striving for a more sustainable approach. After taking time off to be home with her children, Densmore returned to the University of Oregon as an Instructor. Densmore is also a freelance designer, artist, illustrator, and pattern designer, incorporating mindfulness practice, nature awareness and art into her teaching. Exploring the world near and far, she looks for opportunities to soak in a new culture, help out in her community, or plan an expedition to get outside. These endeavors inform her course work, illustrations, paintings and design. Through her classes she aims to examine and mend the disconnect between nature and culture, encouraging others to get outside, be present and tap into a sense of place. With the wilds of Oregon as her playground, she finds her sanctuary and her muse.

Densmore is a graduate of the University of Oregon with BA in Anthropology and MA in Landscape Architecture.