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Selected Publications

2014 (Forthcoming)        “Elite dilution or saved by the belles? The changing social demography of the Pacific Sociological Association.” The American Sociologist 45(1):xxxx.

2013         “Mischief vs. mistakes: Motivating interviewers to not deviate.” Pp. 199-218 in Interviewers’ Deviations in Surveys – Impact, Reasons, Detection and Prevention (edited by P. Winker, N. Menold, and R. Porst). Berlin: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. (

2008         “Race, gender, class, and terrorism in the immediate aftermath of September 11, 2001.” Race, Gender & Class 14(3-4): 77-97. (

2007         The Telephone Interviewer’s Handbook: How to Conduct Standardized Conversations. San Francisco CA: Jossey-Bass/John Wiley & Sons Publishers. 336 pp. (

2006         “Pricing environmental amenities: An assessment of the contingent valuation method,” Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique 90:56-61. (