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From South Asia to Karachi, Injustice to Informality. (Upcoming Essay in a Book) 

Place before Form, People before Profit: Reclaiming Venues of Art and Culture in the Midst of Tourism-Centered Reimaging of Cities. (Upcoming Chapter in a Book)

Chohan, S. (2021). South Asian Peninsula, Karachi. In A. Abbas & C. Eubank (Eds.), Falsework, Smalltalk: Political Education, Aesthetic Archives, Recitations of a Future in Common (pp. 324-326). Richmond, MA: Some Beloved, Inc.  

Chohan, S. (2018) Architects as Urbanists: Keeping the City First. In Parvaiz Vandal (Ed.), City: An Evolving Organism. Lahore: THAAP Publications.