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Tugce Ertem Eray is from Turkey. She has her Bachelor of Science in Political Science and International Relations from Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. She completed her M.A degree at the Public Relations and Publicity department of Istanbul University in 2012. She completed her Ph.D. in December 2015 at Istanbul University. Her Ph.D. thesis was titled “Conflict and Resolution Methods from a Theoretical Perspective: A Study of the Roles and Functions of Public Relations”. She worked as a Research Assistant at Istanbul University for 6 years. She was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Alabama, Advertising & Public Relations Department in 2016. She is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Journalism and Communication at University of Oregon. She has published multi-authored and individual works in national and international journals and have chapters in national and international books. She has also presented papers at various conferences around the world. Her fields of interest are international public relations, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strategic communications.