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Usernamesort icon First Name Last Name Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
aadamscl Alexis Adams-Clark Doctoral Student Psychology Department 339 Straub Hall
aadelman Ashley Adelman Office Specialist 1 Environmental Studies 144 Columbia Hall 541-346-5006
aainis Amira Ainis ProTem Instructor Anthropology by email appointment
aaman Alexa Aman Creative Writing Graduate Student / GE Creative Writing Program, English Department 228C PLC Spring term: MW 10:00-11:30 541-346-8750
aamenon Arjun Menon Research Fellow Physics Department 455 Willamette Hall
aantone1 16 Friendly Hall 541-346-4106
aapauls Abby Pauls Graduate Student Physics Department 261 Willamette Hall 541-346-4807
aaratir Aarati Raghuvanshi Research Assistant Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology Department LISB 340
aarong Aaron Gullickson Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies Sociology 727 PLC Summer 2019: By appointment only 541-346-5061
aaronv Aaron Victorin-Vangerud Pre-PhD student Mathematics 204 Deady Hall 541-346-0686
aba Adelman 370 HEDCO Education Bldg (541) 346-7450
ababb Alexander Babb M.S. Candidate Earth Sciences 210E Cascade Hall M 2-3 PM, W 10-11 AM, or by appointment
abaker11 Ally Baker English Graduate Student / GE English Department 35 PLC Spring term: M 9-12 541-346-0272
abaker12 Aziza Baker Graduate Employee History 340K McKenzie Hall
aball4 Anna Ball Creative Writing Graduate Student / GE Creative Writing Program, English Department 455 PLC Spring term: W 10am-1pm 541-346-1595
abamfor2 Adam Bamforth Pre-PhD student Mathematics 4 Deady 541-346-0985
abarkan Alice Barkan Professor Biology Department 255A Klamath Hall 541-346-5145
abautist Ashley Bautista Research Assistant Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology Department LISB 340
abby Abby Lane Bilingual Education Instructor Curriculum & Teaching, Curriculum and Teacher Education 124B Lokey Education Bldg 541-346-2645
abelogur Anna Belogurova Adjunct Instructor 340A McKenzie Hall TR 2-4 and by appointment (541) 346-9048
aberring Amber Berrings GTF Spring term: Monday TBA
abettman Ann Bettman Assistant Professor Former Director of the Urban Farm
abia Lisa Abia-Smith Senior Instructor I Director of Education/JS Museum of Art PPPM 1430 Johnson Lane 541-346-0966
abiersac Aletta Biersack Professor Emerita Anthropology, Asian Studies
ablaikie Andrew Blaikie Graduate Student Physics Department 76 Willamette Hall
ablinov Andrey Blinov Pre-PhD student Mathematics 4 Deady Hall 541-346-0985
abmurphy Alexander Murphy Professor Rippey Chair in Liberal Arts & Sciences European Studies, Geography 173 Condon Hall 541-346-4571
abonds Alexandra Bonds Professor Emeritus Professor Emerita Asian Studies 205 Villard Hall 541-346-4194
aboswor6 Adrienne Bosworth English Graduate Student English Department
aboutell Amy Boutell Graduate Student Services Manager SOJC 214A Allen Hall Eugene 541-346-6304
abramf Abram Fernandez M.A. GE for Ethnic Studies Ethnic Studies, Philosophy Department 303 Alder Building Spring Term: Tuesdsays and Thursdays from 2:00-3:00p 541-346-0900
abranden Alex Brandenfels Student ITC 440 McKenzie Hall
abrown33 Anne Brown Assistant Professor PPPM Hendricks 107 541-346-2112
abroz Adrian Broz PhD Candidate Earth Sciences 324 Cascade Hall Eugene Tuesday 3:30-5:30pm
absny Alison Snyder Associate Professor 210 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-1447
aburgess Ann Burgess Practicum Supervisor Curriculum & Teaching 124 Lokey Education Bldg
acampbel Andrew Campbell Instructor Art 254 Lawrence Hall
acanaday Angie Whittington Executive Assistant to the Dean SOJC 1430 Johnson Lane Eugene 541-346-3602
acarroll Anna Carroll Career Instructor English Department 323 PLC Fall term: 541-346-1518
acarter4 Alison Carter Assistant Professor Anthropology, Asian Studies 255 Condon Hall Please email to schedule a time 541-346-5037
acaruso Annie Caruso Doctoral Candidate Anthropology Condon Hall 366A 541-346-5109
acavanau Alex Cavanaugh English Graduate Student / GE Assistant Director, Center for Teaching Writing English Department, SAIL 241 PLC Spring term: MW 3:45-5:15 541-346-0531
acaves3 Alex Caves Technician Northsite B Eugene 541-346-4352
acmiller Adam Miller Assistant Professor Biology Department 314 Huestis Hall 541-346-4523
acook Anna Cook ABD Ph.D. Philosophy Department
acook11 Alan Cook Research Assistant Education Research and Outreach 135N Lokey Education Bldg 541-346-2416
acordes Ashley Cordes Doctoral Student SOJC