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Username First Name Last Name Titlesort icon Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
clachman Charles Lachman Associate Professor Participating Faculty, Religious Studies History Art & Arch 168 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3601
gantt Gantt Gurley Associate Professor Program Director, Judaic Studies Comparative Literature Department, German & Scandinavian, Judaic Studies Program 319 Friendly Hall Mondays & Wednesdays 11:00am-12:00pm 541-346-4055
cpascoe CJ Pascoe Associate Professor Director of Undergraduate Studies Sociology 720 PLC Wednesday: 11:00-12:00, 1:00-3:00; Sign up here: 541-346-1384
belias Ben Elias Associate Professor Mathematics 210 Fenton Hall 541-346-5629
whe Weiyong He Associate Professor Mathematics 211M Deady Hall 541-346-4720
dlevin David Levin Associate Professor Mathematics 310 Fenton Hall 541-346-5621
sadofsky Hal Sadofsky Associate Professor Mathematics 119 Friendly Hall 541-346-3902
csinclai Chris Sinclair Associate Professor Mathematics 215M Deady Hall 541-346-4701
dps Dev Sinha Associate Professor Mathematics 307 Fenton Hall 541-346-5627
vaintrob Arkady Vaintrob Associate Professor Mathematics 10A Deady Hall 541-346-4734
vvologod Vadim Vologodski Associate Professor Mathematics 101 Deady Hall 541-346-5619
haowang Hao Wang Associate Professor Mathematics 321 Fenton Hall 541-346-5628
tmay33 Theresa May Associate Professor Native American Studies 207 Villard Hall 541-346-1789
dmerskin Debra Merskin Associate Professor Native American Studies 123 Franklin Blvd 541-346-4189
harperj James Harper Associate Professor History Art & Arch 240 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-5027
dueppen Stephen Dueppen Associate Professor Anthropology 252 Condon Hall 541-346-5525
sfrost Stephen Frost Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies Anthropology 353 Condon Hall 541-346-5161
herman Tory Herman Associate Professor Biology Department 276A Streisinger Hall 541-346-5043
eajohnsn Eric Johnson Associate Professor Biology Department 312 Streisinger Hall 541-346-5183
svetlana Svetlana Maslakova Associate Professor Biology Department Oregon Inst Of Marine Biology, Ext 362 541-888-2581
galee Gyoung-Ah Lee Associate Professor Anthropology 254 Condon Hall 541-346-4442
lamia Lamia Karim Associate Professor On sabbatical 2016-17. She is a Fellow at the IGK Research Center 'Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History' at Humbolt University /re:work Berlin Germany Anthropology, Comparative Literature Department 375 Condon Hall none 541-346-5095
sugiyama Lawrence Sugiyama Associate Professor Anthropology 329 Condon Hall
nting Nelson Ting Associate Professor Anthropology 302B Condon Hall 541-346-8878
kryn Kryn Stankunas Associate Professor Biology Department 245C Streisinger Hall 541-346-7416
mstreis Matthew Streisfeld Associate Professor Biology Department 267A Onyx Bridge 541-346-4816
pwash Philip Washbourne Associate Professor Biology Department 334 D Huestis Hall 541-346-4138
lipshitz Robert Lipshitz Associate Professor Mathematics 303 Fenton Hall 541-346-5625
timw Timothy Williams Associate Professor History 1715 Franklin Blvd., Rm 100 541-346-8798
sboos Sonja Boos Associate Professor German & Scandinavian 211 Friendly Hall Fall 2017: 541-346-4083
klebes Martin Klebes Associate Professor Director of Graduate Studies (German) German & Scandinavian 205 Friendly Hall Fall 2017: 541-346-2818
jsykes Julie Sykes Associate Professor Linguistics 1600 Millrace Dr., Ste 201 Fall: by appointment 541-346-5699
kevinvdw Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg Associate Professor Energy Studies Building Lab (ESBL) Director Architecture ESBL Eugene, Portland 541-346-5647
absny Alison Snyder Associate Professor Architecture 210 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-1447
ehg Esther Hagenlocher Associate Professor Architecture 264 Onyx Bridge Eugene 541-346-3292
ggast Gerald Gast Associate Professor Architecture 70 NW Couch St., 456 WSB Portland 415-847-5776
gutsey Glenda Utsey Associate Professor Architecture Eugene 541-346-3664
hajoneis Hajo Neis Associate Professor Architecture 70 NW Couch St., 459 WSB Portland 503-412-3731
jrowell John Rowell Associate Professor Architecture 485 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3694
kahn Kyu-ho Ahn Associate Professor Disability Studies 476A Lawrence Hall 541-346-2984
lzimmer Linda Zimmer Associate Professor Architecture 210 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-2097
nlarco Nico Larco Associate Professor Co-Director, Sustainable Cities Initiative Architecture 70 NW Couch St, Floor 4R Portland 503-412-3732
nywc Nancy Cheng Associate Professor Architecture 477C Lawrence Hall Portland 541-346-3674
pkeyes Peter Keyes Associate Professor Architecture 477C Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3640
rthoren Roxi Thoren Associate Professor Assoc Dean Academic Affairs Architecture, Landscape Arch 476D Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3641
sduff Stephen Duff Associate Professor Architecture 261 Onyx Bridge Eugene 541-346-3671
vcart Virginia Cartwright Associate Professor Architecture 322 Lawrence Hall 541-346-0863
jarndt John Arndt Associate Professor Product Design 101 Millrace 4 Eugene 541-346-1724
kiersten Kiersten Muenchinger Associate Professor Department Head; Tim and Mary Boyle Chair in Material Studies and Product Design Product Design 251E Lawrence Hall Eugene, Portland 541-346-6697
ssokolow Susan Sokolowski Associate Professor Product Design 70 NW Couch Street Eugene 503-412-3736