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Username First Name Last Namesort icon Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
lslemp Laura Slemp Practicum Supervisor 124 Lokey Education Bldg
tskrbic Tatjana Skrbic Postdoctoral Scholar Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics Department 215 Klamath Hall
eskowron Elizabeth Skowron Professor Center for Translational Neuroscience, Psychology Department 437 Straub Hall 541-346-9329
jskorbur Gus Skorburg ABD Ph.D. Philosophy Department
mandys Mandy Skoranski Postdoctoral Fellow Center for Translational Neuroscience University of Oregon
sskochko Sarah Skochko Creative Writing Graduate Student Creative Writing Program
rskarbek Robert Skarbek Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences
lskalnes Lars Skalnes Associate Professor Director of Undergraduate Studies Political Science 929 PLC 541-346-4886
alm Amy Sisco Student Services Support Specialist 201 Knight Law Center 541-346-1553
asirois André Sirois Instructor, Musicology Music  263 Knight Library Eugene 541-346-8844
msiritzk Meghan Siritzky Doctoral Student Psychology Department 461 Straub Hall
isiral Ismet Siral Postdoctoral Research Scholar Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics Department CERN, Switzerland
dps Dev Sinha Associate Professor Mathematics 307 Fenton Hall 541-346-5627
lauralei Lauralei Singsank Student Worker
ssingh2 Sugam Singh Graduate Employee History CMAE 541-346-3479
Avinash Avinash Singh Instructor 228 Huestis Hall 541-346-4544
nsingh Nadia Singh Associate Professor Biology Department 313 Pacific Hall 541-346-9308
sinev Nikolai Sinev Senior Research Associate Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics Department SLAC Nat'l. Accelerator Lab 650-926-2970
dsindhu Devina Sindhu Comparative Literature Graduate Student/GE Comparative Literature Department, English Department 314 Villard Hall 541-346-0934
csinclai Chris Sinclair Associate Professor Mathematics 215M University Hall 541-346-4701
jamesin James Sinclair Research Associate Special Education Hedco 241
rsinclai Rebekah Sinclair ABD Ph.D. Philosophy Department 11A Susan Campbell Hall Spring 2021 TBA
ansons Anson Sin Graduate Employee Music
celena Celena M. Simpson ABD Ph.D. PathwayOregon Advisor Philosophy Department, SAIL 5 PLC 3:30-4:20pm Monday & Wednesday 541-346-3226
asimons Anne Simons Professor Emerita Psychology Department
jsimonn3 Jean-Baptiste Simonnet Comparative Literature Graduate Student English Department GE Comparative Literature Department, English Department 310 Villard 541-346-0934
simonds Paul Simonds 1932-2020 Anthropology
vsimon3 Valérie Simon ABD Ph.D. GE Philosophy Department 11C Susan Campbell Hall TBA for Fall 2021
esimnitt Emily Simnitt Senior Instructor, Multilingual Writing Specialist Associate Director of Composition Digital Humanities, English Department, SAIL 301E Tykeson Hall Spring 2021: M 9-10 a.m., T 3:30-5:30 p.m., by appt. 541-346-3517
simmonss Stephanie Simmons Early Childhood Associate Teacher Education Research and Outreach 1500 W. 12th Ave. 541-736-1809
msimmon4 Megan Simmons Graduate Employee Music
ssimmons Sherwin Simmons Professor Emeritus History Art & Arch, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies 382 Lawrence Hall 541-346-2080
esimmon2 Emma Simmons Graduate Employee Music Frohnmayer Music Bldg #146 541-346-3761
msilver2 Michael Silverstein Doctoral Student Psychology Department 439 Straub Hall
csilverm Carol Silverman Professor Anthropology, Comparative Literature Department, Judaic Studies Program, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
jsilveir Jason M. Silveira Associate Professor of Instrumental Music Education Music Education Area Head and Conductor, Oregon Wind Symphony Music 216 Music Eugene 541-346-2868
silva2 Rick Silva Associate Professor Art & Technology Program Director Art 223 Millrace 2 Eugene
lsilva7 Lucas Silva Associate Professor Climate Studies, Geography 248 Columbia Hall
jsilbert Jessie Silbert Pro Tem Instructor Product Design
jeromes Jerome Silbergeld Visiting Professor of Chinese Art History, History of Art and Architecture; Professor Emeritus, Princeton University History Art & Arch 254 Lawrence Hall 541-346-2687
asikiric Amanda Sikirica Graduate Employee Sociology 620 PLC Summer 2021: By appointment only
sieradsk Allan Sieradski Professor Emeritus Mathematics
msiegel2 Marissa Siegel Clinical Supervisor College of Education, Communication Disorders and Sciences
csiegal Cameron Siegal Graduate Employee Music 125 Frohnmayer Music Bldg 541-346-3761
smshihab SM Shihab Siddiqui Doctoral Student Economics 518 PLC Summer 2021: By appointment only 541-346-7755
camys Camy Sibley Research Assistant Center for Translational Neuroscience 503-510-4418
lshurtz Logan Shurtz Student Worker Geography 107 Condon Hall 6-4555
nshurtz Nancy Shurtz B.A. Kliks Professor Law, Law-JD 306C Knight Law Center 541-346-3841
sshune Samantha Shune Associate Professor Director of the Communication Disorders and Sciences Program College of Education, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Food Studies, SAIL 249 HEDCO Education Bldg 541-346-7494
mshumate Mason Shumate English Graduate Student / GE English Department 455 PLC S21: Wednesday 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. 541-346-1595