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Usernamesort icon First Name Last Name Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
andyr Andrew Rothgery Senior Instructor II of Spanish Romance Languages UO Annex, Ste 6 Wed 2-3pm; Fri 12-1pm 541-346-4057
andrzej Andrzej Proskurowski Professor Emeritus Computer and Information Science 256 Deschutes Hall 541-346-4428
analisa Analisa Taylor Associate Professor of Spanish Romance Languages 326 Friendly Hall Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30 am to 12:30 pm 541-346-4047
amuelle2 Andrew Mueller Pro-tem Instructor English Department
amthomas Amanda Thomas Assistant Professor Earth Sciences 210C Cascade Hall
amorrogh Andrew Morrogh Associate Professor of Art History Emeritus History Art & Arch
amorris8 Amanda Morris Graduate Employee Human Physiology 342 Gerlinger 6-8823
amoore5 Anna Moore PhD Candidate Geography 202 Condon Hall
amnaj Amna Javed Doctoral Student Economics 407 PLC Summer 2018: By appointment only 541-346-7755
amlara Ana-Maurine Lara Assistant Professor, Anthropology Anthropology, Ethnic Studies 372 Condon Hall 541-346-5032
amisar Alex Misar Pro Tem Instructor Eugene
amiroman Anna Miromanova Doctoral Student Economics 419 PLC Summer 2018: By appointment only 541-346-7755
amillerdowell Amy Miller Dowell Instructor
amiller8 Ashley Miller Doctoral Student Psychology Department 248 LISB
amiez Amie Leigh Zimmer Ph.D. GE Philosophy Department 158B Susan Campbell Hall TBA for Fall 2018
amgroppe Alison Groppe Associate Professor, Chinese Literature East Asian Languages 317 Friendly Hall 541-346-7015
amckeow7 Andrew McKeown Visiting Professor 118 PLC (541) 346-3911
amarvin Amy Billingsley ABD Ph.D. GE Philosophy Department, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies 158 Susan Campbell Hall TBA for Fall 2018
amandab Amanda Bird Courtesy Professor Russian and East European Studies 175 PLC 541-346-5051
amalacho Amanda Malachowski Graduate Employee Sociology 636 PLC
amaitra Avik Maitra Instructor Product Design Eugene
amadar Allison Madar Pro Tempore Instructor History 340X McKenzie Hall
aluebber Amy Luebbers Faculty Fellow Sociology 631 PLC Summer 2018: By appointment only
alonsod Alonso Delfin Ares de Parga Pre-PhD student Mathematics 11A Deady Hall 541-346-4730
allsopp Lauren Allsopp Instructor 265 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-2982
allisonf Allison Ford Graduate Employee Sociology, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies HEN 338 Summer 2018: By appointment only
allanh Allan Hendrickson Pre-PhD student Mathematics 204 Deady Hall 541-346-0986
alisaf Alisa Freedman Associate Professor, Japanese Literature & Film East Asian Languages, Translation Studies 404 Friendly Hall 541-979-7794
alioy Alberto Lioy GE Doctoral Student Political Science 840 PLC Summer term - no office hours
alidab Alida Bevirt Studio Assistant Art
aliceg Alice Greenberg Graduate Student Physics Department 171 Willamette Hall
alfano Mark Alfano Assistant Professor Philosophy Department 403 Straub Hall on leave during 2015-2016
alexalga Alexandre Albert-Galtier Associate Professor Emeritus of French Romance Languages 322 Friendly Hall Wednesday 3:30-5:30 541-346-4026
alerner Allan Lerner Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences
alen Alen Mahic Pro Tem Research Assistant ESBL ESBL, 101 Pacific Hall Eugene
alebovit Andrew Lebovitz Pre-PhD student Mathematics 303A Deady Hall 541-346-5673
aldanaro María Licia Aldana Rogers Instructor of Spanish Romance Languages 192D Esslinger Hall Monday 11:45 - 1:45 541-346-4497
albert Albert A. Johnstone Courtesy Professor Philosophy Department 211 Susan Campbell Hall
alaunap Alauna Perry Account Tech Asian Studies, European Studies, International Studies, Latin American Studies, OCIAS, Russian and East European Studies 175 PLC M-F 8:30-4:30 503-269-7890
alau Alison Lau Career Instructor English Department 103 PLC On leave 2017-18 541-346-3915
alanr Alan Reynolds ABD Ph.D. Philosophy Department
alanj Alan Jongha Jeong Masters Student Psychology Department
alandau2 Ashleigh Landau Doctoral Student Psychology Department 365 Straub Hall
alai Alaí Reyes-Santos Associate Professor, Academic Advisor English Department, Ethnic Studies, Latin American Studies 217 Alder Bldg Spring Term: by appointment only 541-346-0928
alabuza Andrew Labuza Graduate Employee Sociology 617 PLC Summer 2018: By appointment only
akwok Alison Kwok Professor Architecture 100 Pacific Hall Eugene 541-346-2126
akreps Anne Kreps Assistant Professor Judaic Studies Program, Religious Studies 346 Susan Campbell Hall TBA 541-346-5984
akonyn Amy Rowland Doctoral Student Psychology Department 436 Straub Hall