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Username First Name Last Namesort icon Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
waddell Glen Waddell Professor Economics, SAIL 533 PLC Fall 2021: By appointment only 541-346-1259
awaddell Angela Waddell English Graduate Student English Department 228C PLC F21: MW 8:30-10am 541-346-8750
wacks David Wacks Professor of Spanish: Department Head, Romance Languages Comics and Cartoon Studies, English Department, Judaic Studies Program, Middle East and North African Studies, Medieval Studies, Romance Languages, Spanish 105C Friendly Hall Please email me your availability to set an appointment 541-346-4029
cwachter Claire Wachter Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy Music 361 Frohnmayer Music Bldg Eugene 541-346-3758
welwood Wendy Waananen Practicum Supervisor 124 Lokey Education Bldg
thvu Tuong Vu Professor Department Head Asian Studies, OCIAS, Political Science 940 PLC Eugene F21 - In person: Thu 9-12 (week 7); Tue 10-1 (weeks 8-10 & finals week). 541-346-4866
hvos Hilary Vos Career and Internship Counselor, CRES Program 137A Knight Law Center 541-346-8094
hvr Heidi von Ravensberg Sr. Research Associate l, Outreach Liaison Coordinator Special Projects College of Education, Education Research and Outreach 05 Clinical Services Bldg 541-346-3600
petevh Peter von Hippel Professor Biophysical Chemistry & Molecular Biology Chemistry and Biochemistry 215 Klamath Hall 541-346-6097
rvolker Rachael Volker Pro Tem Instructor 254 Lawrence Hall 541-346-2687
jvogeler Jesse Vogeler-Wunsch Graduate Student Physics Department 220 Willamette Hall (541) 346-4770
matvogel Matthias Vogel Senior Instructor II and Language Coordinator Faculty in Residence, Global Scholars Hall German & Scandinavian, SAIL 208 Friendly Hall On Leave 541-346-4053
maev Mae Voeun Graduate Student Physics Department 218 Willamette Hall (541) 346-4770
jvoelker Julie Voelker-Morris Senior Instructor II/Career Services Director Director, UO Common Reading, See PPPM 121A Hendricks Hall Eugene Email, call, or stop by to make an appointment. 541-346-2179
rmorris1 Robert Voelker-Morris Instructor, Arts & Admin Arts & Admin, Comics and Cartoon Studies, English Department 58 PLC 541-346-1934
pascale Pascale Voelker Research Associate Psychology Department Straub Hall 541-346-5534
dash Dash Vitullo Graduate student Physics Department 262 Willamette Hall 541-346-5528
vitulli Marie Vitulli Professor Emerita Mathematics
kvinyeta Kirsten Vinyeta Graduate Employee Environmental Studies, Sociology 619 PLC Fall 2021: By appointment only (541) 346-5003
clavin Claudia Vincent Research Associate College of Education, Education Research and Outreach 307 CSB 541-346-2486
nvillig2 Nathan Villiger Graduate Student CASIT, Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics Department 231 Willamette Hall 541-346-4770
jvilla Janeth Villa Graduate Employee IRES, Sociology Fall 2021: By appointment only
jesusv José Jesús Vilches Aguado Graduate Employee, Spanish, PhD student Romance Languages 192K Esslinger Hall Eugene Mondays and Thursdays 1-2 pm 6812859016
nvikulin Nadia Vikulina Graduate Employee 175 PLC 541-346-5053
nanditav Nandita Vijayakumar Courtesy Appointment Psychology Department Straub Hall, Rm. 133 541-346-4852
fev Frank Vignola Senior Research Associate Physics Department 361 Onyx Bridge 541-346-4745
sviens Sarah Viens Instructor of Trumpet Music 252 Frohnmayer Music Bldg Eugene 541-346-7365
lvidmar Louie Vidmar Technology Support Analyst Information Technology Consultant College of Design 121 Lawrence Hall Eugene 8:30 am - 5:00 pm 541-346-0338
yosav Yosa Vidal-Collados Graduate Employee, Spanish, PhD Candidate Spanish-French Romance Languages, Spanish 198C Esslinger Hall Eugene M-W 12:00-12:50 541-346-4497
aaronv Aaron Victorin-Vangerud Pre-PhD student Mathematics 204 University Hall 541-346-0986
svicente Sofia Vicente-Vidal Graduate Student Anthropology 366 Red Condon Hall Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00 am to 11:00 am 541-346-5109
dvetri Dominick "Dom" Vetri Professor Emeritus Law, Law-JD 409D Knight Law Center 541-346-3868
irinav Irina Vetchinkina Doctoral Student Graduate Employee Political Science 806 PLC F21 - Virtual & In person: Tue 12-1 (weeks 1-10 & finals week). Click <a href=>HERE</a> for Zoom link. 541-346-4864
asv Adam Vernon English Graduate Student / GE 371 S20: TR 12-1:30 via Zoom at 541-346-1512
averner Andrew Verner Director of PhD Program Russian East European and Eurasian Studies 398C Anstett Hall 541-346-3251
ixchel Ixchel Verdugo Academic Advisor College of Education 50 Tykeson Hall 541-346-3235
vencla Claudia Ventura Senior Instructor I of Italian Second Year Supervisor Italian, Romance Languages 216 Friendly Hall Eugene Wednesdays 11-11:50am, in Friendly 216 AND Mondays 15-15:50pm, MCK 175 541-346-4039
simonv Simon Venter Pre-PhD student Mathematics 12 University Hall 541-346-0139
lvelez Leah Velez Creative Writing Graduate Student Creative Writing Program
irmav Irma Velasquez Visiting Professor Anthropology 308 Condon Hall 541-346-5102
jvelasco Javier Velasco GE Spanish. PhD candidate Romance Languages, Spanish 198B Esslinger Hall Tuesdays 10:00 to 11:50 541-346-4497
bveit Brian Veit Graduate Student Physics Department 216 Willamette Hall 541-346-4770
vazquez David J Vázquez Associate Professor, Department of English 118 PLC On Leave AY 20-21 541-346-1516
cvaughn Charlotte Vaughn Instructor Linguistics, SAIL 371 Straub Hall 541-346-3993
meghanv Meghan Vaughn EI/ECSE Specialist 1500 W. 12th Ave. 541-844-9782
vasquezj Jessica Vasquez-Tokos Professor Director of Undergraduate Studies IRES, Latin American Studies, Sociology 715 PLC Fall 2021: By appointment only 541-346-5165
vvasquez Valentino Vasquez American Sign Language Instructor College of Education, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Digital Humanities, Disability Studies, English Department 251 HEDCO Education Bldg 541-636-0197
mvargas2 Max Vargas PhD student (Brundan) Mathematics M214 University Hall 541-346-3908
kvarani Kiran Varani Graduate Recruiter Chemistry and Biochemistry 450 Willamette Hall 541-346-5204
allisonv Allison VanSciver Creative Lead and Senior Graphic Designer SOJC 127 Franklin Bldg. Eugene 541-346-0213