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Usernamesort icon First Name Last Name Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
hedge Lauren Hedge Accounting and Communications Coordinator 541-346-5902
heathera Heather Anderson Doctoral Student Psychology Department 365 Straub Hall
heath2 Ben Heath Ph.D. Earth Sciences
hduvall Hugh Duvall Pro Tem Instructor, Criminal Defense Clinic Law, Law-JD 541-345-4500
hdurany Helen Durany Graduate Program Assistant, Academic Support Unit 6 Chemistry and Biochemistry Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Multidisciplinary Science, Physics Klamath 83A 8am to 5pm M-F 541-346-4416
hdebasto Helena de Bastos Cruz Machado Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 149 Cascade Annex
hdavis Howard Davis Professor Architecture, Food Studies 321 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3665
hcutting Hannah Cutting-Jones Director of Food Studies Food Studies, Global Studies 315 McKenzie Hall Thursdays, 10-12 530-327-8479
hcp Hannah Peterson Creative Writing Graduate Student/ ENG GE English 212 PLC Fall Term: MWF 9-10am
hcoba Henry Coba Graduate Employee Eugene OR 541-346-3761
hchan2 Hana Chan Law Library Manager Law 278C Knight Law Center 541-346-8271
hcha Hyeonjin Cha PhD Candidate, Management Lundquist College of Business, Management 292A Anstett Hall
hcdreyer Hans Dreyer Associate Professor Human Physiology, SAIL 161 Onyx Bridge 541-346-5775
hbrinton Heather Brinton Director, Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center and Pro Tem Instructor Law, Law-JD 225D Knight Law Ctr 541-346-3741
hbrey Heather Brey EI/ECSE Specialist Education Research and Outreach 1500 W. 12th Ave. 541-510-1844
hbrazier Hayley Brazier Graduate Employee History 340L McKenzie Hall 541-346-4818
hbodish Holt Bodish PhD student (Lipshitz) Mathematics 302 Fenton Hall W 2-4, R 11-12 541-346-0101
hbmoore Heather Moore Senior Lecturer I 267 HEDCO Education Bldg 541-346-4996
hberry 250H Computing Center 541-346-1791
hbair Heather Bair Costume Shop Manager Theatre Arts 123A MTC (Miller Theatre Complex)
haydock Roger Haydock Professor Emeritus Physics 302 Willamette Hall
havishak Havisha Khurana Master's Student Economics
hatsues 401 Tykeson Hall 541-346-3175
hather Hammad Ather Computer Science PhD student Graduate Employee Computer Science 207 Deschutes Hall 3127300413
hatchmo Monica J. Hatch Instructor Instructor American English Institute 220 Agate Hall 541-346-3945
haskins Shaun Haskins N/a 210 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-1435
harwood3 Joe Harwood Part-time Instructor 323 Allen Hall Eugene
hartz Jill Hartz Executive Director of the JSMA 1430 Johnson Hall 541-346-0972
harshas 235 Deschutes Hall
harsh Katie Harsh TSD Coordinator Information Services 541-346-8363
harrow Holly Arrow Professor Emerit Psychology Psychology Department, SAIL
harriss Harris Smith ABD Ph.D. GE Philosophy Department 11 Susan Campbell Hall
harrism Mark Harris M.A. CADCI, MAC (candidate) Pro-Tem Professor MW 1:30-2:30
harriets Harriet Smith Academic Affairs Assistant Law Knight Law Center, 3rd Floor
harperj James Harper Associate Professor Latin American Studies 240 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-5027
harnett Howard Arnett Professor of Practice Law, Law-JD 409F Knight Law Center 541-346-0187
harms Mike Harms Associate Professor Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics Chemistry and Biochemistry 340A Willamette Hall 541-346-9002
harker Hayden Harker Senior Instructor Head Undergraduate Advisor Mathematics 215 Fenton Hall Tuesday 12-12:50pm, Wednesday 1-1:50am, Friday 12-12:50pm 541-346-5630
harinder Harinder Khalsa Senior Instructor II of Italian/YLC Self Study Language Program Coordinator Italian, Romance Languages 161 McKenzie Hall Eugene, OR MW 12:15-12:45 PM or by appointment 541-346-1540 (email preferred)
hardwick John Hardwick Senior Research Associate Emeritus Chemistry and Biochemistry 151A Klamath Hall 541-346-4753
harbaugh William Harbaugh Professor SAIL Program Founder College Scholars, Economics, SAIL 534 PLC F23: Thursday 1:00 - 3:00 541-346-1244
haowang Hao Wang Courtesy Research Associate Professor m Mathematics 541-346-5628
haopengy Haopeng Yuan Doctoral Student Graduate Teaching Fellow SOJC Eugene
hanssenr Rosy Hanssen Business Operations Manager Art, Product Design, School of Art + Design
hanse Hans Engel Science Lab Preparator Chemistry and Biochemistry 160D Klamath Hall 541-346-4650
hanness Hannes Sobottka Graduate Student OMQ, Physics 155 Willamette Hall
hanming Hanming Liu PhD student Mathematics 115 McArthur Court 541-346-0236