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Lindsey Waldrop is currently a third year Ph.D student focusing on late-imperial Chinese literature. She received her B.A. from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas before receiving her M.A. in East Asian studies at Yale in 2011. She began at the University of Oregon the following Fall term.

            Lindsey is interested in how fiction changed and developed from the late Ming through the early to middle Qing dynasty. More specifically, she is interested in how huaben (short-story collections) and the long novel complemented and contrasted with one another through their development and how they were affected by the Ming-Qing transition.  She looks at the relationship of the changing structures and endings of each to see how meaning is created and how means of reaching closure change throughout the chaotic time period. Her dissertation will look at one of the last major short-story collections of the late imperial era to see how the genre changed after the fall of the Ming dynasty.

            Outside of academic studies, Lindsey enjoys hiking, trying out new and interesting recipes, and especially likes tinkering with cupcake decorating.