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This site serves as a central location for CAS faculty, staff and GTF profiles. Profiles are maintained on this site and then the data is provided as feeds to department sites for them to display their faculty and staff.


You can log in and edit your profile by logging in and clicking on "My account" and then on "Edit" at the top of the page. On the "Account" tab, you can upload a profile picture and upload your CV. Under the "Information" tab you will be able to update information and fields like "office hours", "departments", etc. Make sure to select all "departments" that you belong to.

Remember to click "Save" at the bottom of each page you have updated!

Full name, phone and office is automatically sync'd from the UO directory and updated occaisionally. Please contact directory services to update your UO directory information.

Profile Sections

Profile sections are pages that users can create to add pages to their profile. Example of profile sections are personal statement, publications, research. Profile sections are available to everyone to view.

A user can create a profile section by clicking on "Create content" and then "Profile Section". After saving a profile section it will appear on the left of their profile. To edit a profile section just click on it and then on "edit".

Department Sites

Your profile are displayed on department sites that have been configured to display profiles. The department sites caches profiles for a certain amount of time i.e changes made on this site will only show up on the department site after the time has elapsed. For sites on UO Blogs the cache is set to expire every 24 hours.


For assistance please contact Web and Custom Software Development team in UO Service Portal.