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Office manager instructions

Instructions for office managers to update profiles and profile sections.


To view your profile click on "My account". Users can do the same when they login to this site. To view a user's profiles you can either search for them or click on the links below to view the list of users and click on their username to view their profile.

To edit your profile or a user's profile click on "Edit". On the "Account" tab, you can upload a profile picture and upload a CV. Under the "Information" tab you will be able to update information and fields like "office hours", "departments", etc. Make sure to select all "departments" that you or the user belongs to.

Remember to click "Save" at the bottom of each page you have updated!

Full name, phone and office is automatically synced from the UO directory and updated occasionally. Please contact directory services to update the UO directory information.

Profile section

The central profile site also supports what we called "Profile sections." That is pages about user's personal statements, education, research, publications and so on.

A user can create a profile section by clicking on "Create content" and then "Profile Section". After saving a profile section it will appear on the left under "My Profile Sections". To edit a profile section just click on it and then on "edit".

Weight: Profile section order is set by a optional weight field. If the weight field is set (for all profile sections) the heavier items will sink and the lighter items will be positioned nearer the top. If weight is not set then the created date will be used.

If you are creating a profile section on behalf of a user make sure to change the author to that user. To do that click "Authoring information" and then change the "Authored by" field to the user's DuckID e.g. dmundra. After saving a user's profile section it will appear on the left under their DuckID. You will also see their profile sections when you are viewing their profile page on this site.

Add user

The recommended way to add a user it to send them the URL to this site ( and have them login. This will create their account and they can start updating their profile. This can only be done by users who have a valid DuckID at the university.

To create a user click on "Add user" or "CASIT Find People add user". If you use "Add user" you must provide a random password, fill out the required fields and do not select 'Notify user of new account'. The password will not be used as the site uses DuckID authentication. For "CASIT Find People add user" it will create the account for you and then you have to edit the account (instructions above) to fill out the fields.

The site also support bulk importing of users. Please contact CASIT web services for assistance with that.

Delete user

If a user has left the university their profile can be deleted. To do that use the "delete" button when editing a user's profile.

A deleted profile in the WordPress plugin requires you to manually remove profiles (not just putting them in the trash but permanently deleting them once you have deleted them from this site).

Office manager links

The office manager links to the left have listings of all users by department.

Users with multiple departments

Some users belong to multiple departments and if you are managing their profile information make sure to contact the office manager for the other department to coordinate updates.

Examples users:


We currently support WordPress sites to display profiles from this site. We have a plugin that given a department will display that department's users and their profiles. The plugin uses the "Departments" field on this site to get the profiles for that department. The plugin will get all the fields including CV and picture and the profile sections. The plugin allows profiles to be categorized into categories such as faculty, staff, GTF and so on. To manage the categories and to add text that only displays on the WordPress site navigate to the site and append wp-admin to the end of the URL to access the WordPress dashboard login page. After logging in click on "Profiles" in the dashboard. Categories are managed under "Profile categories."


The plugin supports the following features:

  • Displays list of all profiles with thumbnail and fields name, title, additional title, phone, office, office hours, email, interests and affiliated departments.
  • Displays profiles belonging to category.
  • Displays full profile and profile sections.
  • Option to display an A-Z index at the top of the page. Option available in "Profiles" -> "Options".
  • Option to change wrapping of text from right of the image to appear below the image. Option available in "Profiles" -> "Options".
  • Option to hide pictures. This is controlled by passing a value to the plugin pages. E.g.
  • Option to show table. This is controlled by passing a value to the plugin pages. E.g.

The plugin caches profiles for a certain amount of time i.e changes made on this site will only show up on the WordPress site after the time has elapsed. The time is controlled in "Profiles" -> "Options" except for sites on UO Blogs. For UO Blogs the cache is set to expire every 24 hours.

Plugin pages

The plugin creates automatic pages on your site. The pages are:


Examples of sites displaying profiles:

Examples of individual profiles on the sites:

Drupal Module

The Drupal module is similar to the WordPress plugin with additional features like ability to reference profiles in other content types and create special views to display content by profile.