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Present: Graduate Research Assistant – University of Oregon
                Collaborator: Drs. K. Fauria and L. Karlstrom
                Project: 1D numerical model development and analysis of surface evolution associated with
                     lithologic changes to understand bedrock effects on drainage divide migration.
2017 – Present: Graduate Research Assistant – University of Oregon
                Collaborator: Dr. L. Karlstrom
                Project: Numerical modeling and analysis of surface uplift associated with magmatic
                     intrusions to understand effects of intrusion geometry, depth, and
                     magnitude-frequency on topographic signature.
2017 – Present: Graduate Research Assistant – University of Oregon
                Collaborators: A. Lerner, Drs. L. Karlstrom, S. Ebmeier, K. Anderson, and S. Hurwitz
                Project: Comparison of global geophysically-derived magma chamber locations to
                     topographic centroids of overlying edifices to determine the amount of offset
                     between topography and magma plumbing systems.
2016 – Present: NSF GRIP Research Scholar – Cascades Volcano Observatory
               Collaborators: D.W. Ramsey (USGS) and Dr. L. Karlstrom
               Project: Identification and volume extraction of volcanic edifices within the Cascades Arc to
                     estimate volcanic flux and analyze the relationship between topography and crustal
                     magmatic structure. Funded by NSF award 1309047.
2014 – 2018: Graduate Research Assistant – University of Oregon
              Collaborators: Drs. L. Karlstrom and J. Roering
              Project: Modeling and analysis of landscape disruption and evolution induced by localized
                     surface uplift to understand effects of small-scale perturbations on topographic form.
                     Funded by NSF award 1309047.
2015 – 2016: Graduate Research Assistant – University of Oregon
             Collaborators: Drs. E. Hooft and D. Toomey
             Project: Tomographic study to analyze and image the magma chamber under Santorini,
                     Greece. Project included a three-week expedition on the research vessel Marcus
                     Langseth to deploy/retrieve ocean bottom seismometers and collect seismic travel
                     times. Funded by NSF award OCE1459794.
2013: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow – Academia Sinica
             Collaborator: Dr. J.-C. Lee
             Project: Strain analysis of the northern Luzon Arc and Coastal Range (Taiwan) to understand
                     deformation through the main stages of arc-continent collision (pre-collision, syn-collision
                     and waning collision).
2011: REU Research Scholar – College of William and Mary
            Collaborators: Drs. C. Harris and T. Kniskern
            Project:  Testing the functionality of an algorithm implemented into the Regional Ocean
                     Modeling System (ROMS) numerical model to calculate the occurrence of underwater
                     gravity flows within the wave-boundary layer.
2010 – 2014: Undergraduate Research Assistant – Indiana University of Pennsylvania
            Collaborator: Dr. J. Lewis
            Project: Modeling contemporary strain in southeast Taiwan using focal mechanism solutions
                     across the subduction-to-collision boundary of the Philippine Sea and Eurasian Plates.
                     Funded by NSF awards EAR0738953 and EAR120317.