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Research and teaching interests

I am a scholar of the history and representation of Anti-Fascist resistance in Spain and France, Holocaust and Trauma Studies, representations of pain and torture, contemporary Spanish literature, politics and culture, autobiographical studies, gender studies, oral history, and Communist studies, documentary photography and film.

I am completing a book about Spanish Anti-Fascist women,  The Longest Resistance: Antifascit Women Between Franco and Hitler. This project has been supported by an NEH. 

My newest projects involve 1) a monograph about the cultural representations of the murder of Leon Trotsky and  2) the history and representation of Spain, WWII and Holocaust in a collection of interdisciplinary essays co-edited with Sara Brenneis (Amherst), titled Spain, the Second World War and the Holocaust: History and Representation (Toronto, 2020), 3) brand new research on the mosaic of victims and perpetrators inhabiting the French concentration camps of the Spanish exile and WWII.

Also, with Isabel Jaen Portillo (Portland State), I have edited a new collection of essays on Hispanic cinema, in part inspired by the Cine-Lit Conference of 2015--

I am the editor of the first English language volume on the work and life of Jorge Semprún. I also write and teach about the Spanish Civil War, the contemporary historical novel in Spain, Spanish political culture, particularly Communist culture and its expression in autobiographical texts. As a trained oral historian I am working on a major oral history project about leftist women in the civil war and Franco's penitentiary system.