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Dreaming in Turtle, St. Martin’s Press, 2018

Organic: A Journalist’s Quest to Discover the Truth behind Food Labeling, Globe Pequot Press, 2014

¡See You Later, Amigo!, Barranca Press, 2016

Slow News: A Manifesto for the Critical News Consumer, Oregon State University Press, 2014

The Elusive State of Jefferson: A Journey through the 51stState, Globe Pequot Press, 2013

No Animals Were Harmed: The Controversial Line Between Entertainment and Abuse, Globe Pequot Press, 2012

¡Calexico! Life in the California Borderlands, Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2011

Neon Nevada (coauthored with Sheila Swan Laufer), Globe Pequot Press, 2011

Forbidden Creatures: Inside the World of Animal Smuggling and Exotic Pets, Globe Pequot Press, 2010

The Dangerous World of Butterflies: The Startling Subculture of Criminals, Collectors and Conservationists, Globe Pequot Press, 2009

Hope Is a Tattered Flag: Voices of Reason and Change for the Post-Bush Era (co-authored with Markos Kounalakis), PoliPoint Press, 2008

Mission Rejected: U.S. Soldiers Who Say No to Iraq, Chelsea Green Publishing, 2006

Wetback Nation: The Case for Opening the Mexican-American Border, Ivan R. Dee, 2004

Shock and Awe: Responses to War (edited and with a introduction by Peter Laufer), Creative Arts Book Company, 2003

Exodus to Berlin: The Return of the Jews to Germany, Ivan R. Dee, 2003

Made in Mexico, National Geographic, 2000

...and more