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Usernamesort icon First Name Last Name Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
aainis Amira Ainis Graduate Student Anthropology 365/366 Condon Hall (541) 346-5109
aamenon Arjun Menon Research Fellow Physics Department 455 Willamette Hall
aamin Anika Amin Masters Student Psychology Department
aantone1 16 Friendly Hall 541-346-4106
aarong Aaron Gullickson Associate Professor Sociology 727 PLC Tue & Thur 11:30am-1:30pm 541-346-5061
aba Adelman 370 HEDCO Education Bldg (541) 346-7450
ababb Alexander Babb M.S. Candidate Earth Sciences 210E Wednesday 3-4 PM, Thursday 2:30-3:30 PM
abarkan Alice Barkan Professor Biology Department 255A Klamath Hall 541-346-5145
abeaver Autume Beaver Office Assistant Anthropology Condon Hall 308 M-F 8:00-10:45 am 6-5102
abelogur Anna Belogurova Adjunct Instructor 340A McKenzie Hall TR 2-4 and by appointment (541) 346-9048
aberglun Andy Berglund Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry 137 Susan Campbell Hall (541) 346-8425
abettman Ann Bettman Landscape Arch
abiersac Aletta Biersack Professor Anthropology 347 Condon Hall 541-346-5110
ablaikie Andrew Blaikie Graduate Student Physics Department 76 Willamette Hall
abmurphy Alexander Murphy Professor Geography 173 Condon Hall 541-346-4571
abranden Alex Brandenfels Student ITC 440 McKenzie Hall
abray Allison Bray English Graduate Student English Department
absny Alison Snyder Architecture 210 Lawrence Hall 541-346-1447
acarroll Anna Carroll Pro Tem Instructor English Department 104 PLC Winter term: TR 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 541-346-1518
acaruso Annie Caruso Graduate Student Anthropology, Judaic Studies Program 154A Susan Campbell Hall Mondays 11:30am-1:30pm
acavanau Alex Cavanaugh English Graduate Student / GE English Department 21 PLC Winter term: M 9-11, R 10-12 (541) 346-3268
acaves3 Alex Caves Sculpture Technician Art Northsite B Eugene 541-346-4352
acook Anna Cook Ph.D. Philosophy Department 158B Susan Campbell Hall 10:00-11:50am Thursday during Spring 2017
acostale Amy Costales Senior Instructor of Spanish Romance Languages 20 Friendly Hall SHL Hours MON 2:00-1:00/ WEDS 1:00-2:00/ FRI 10:00-11:00 CLASS Office hours MON 1:00-2:00/ WEDS 2:00-1:00 541-346-4104
acowan Alec Cowan Student Office Assistant Philosophy Department
act Adam Turner Graduate Employee History 340M McKenzie Winter 2017: Thursday 3:30-4:30 pm, Friday 1:00-2:00 pm, and by appointment 541-346-6165
adc1 Anita Christie Assistant Professor Human Physiology 342 Gerlinger Hall 541-346-8592
adding Nicolas Addington Assistant Professor Mathematics 208 Fenton Hall (541) 346-4716
adickman Alan Dickman Research Associate Professor Biology Department 287 Onyx Bridge 541-346-4502
adjohn Dana Johnston Professor Emeritus Earth Sciences 118 Volcanology 541-346-5588
adonohue Allison Donohue Creative Writing Graduate Student / GE Creative Writing Program, English Department PLC 327 Winter term: THUR 9:30-1:30 (541) 346-1520
adossin Alexandre Dossin Associate Professor of Piano Performance and Piano Literature Latin American Studies 265 Music 541-346-3781
aduong Anh Duong MA Student Linguistics
aelling Anni Elling Department Manager Human Physiology 143 Esslinger Hall 541-346-4284
aescalan Alyson Escalante M.A. Philosophy Department
afarrin3 Alex Farrington GE Political Science 840 PLC W17_Noon-1
aferot Anaïs Ferot Courtesy Faculty Earth Sciences 310D Cascade Hall 541-346-4573
afulton2 Anne Fulton Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 305C Mondays 11-Noon
agallow3 Aaron Galloway Assistant Professor Biology Department Oregon Inst of Marine Biology, Ext 303 541-888-2581
agarinth Alexander Garinther Doctoral Student Psychology Department 439 Straub Hall
agarner6 Alexandra Garner English Graduate Student / GTF English Department PLC 20 Winter term: M 4-5:30, W 4-5, R 12-1:30 (541)-346-1513
agroesch Anthony Groeschl Graduate Teaching Fellow Classics 336 Susan Campbell Hall
ahaaga Adam Haaga M.A. Philosophy Department
ahall7 Aliya Hall Webmaster German & Scandinavian 202 Friendly Hall 541-912-0093
ahammon7 Andy Hammond Graduate Student Physics Department 373 Willamette Hall (541) 346-4793
aharmond AJ Harmond M.A. Philosophy Department
ahenry Alex Henry Research Assistant Psychology Department