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Username First Name Last Name Titlesort icon Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
mbodmer Miles Bodmer Ph.D. Earth Sciences
mcistern Massimo Cisternino Ph.D. GE Philosophy 221 Susan Campbell Hall Fall 2023: Tuesdays from 10:30am-12:30pm
memery Meaghan Emery Ph.D. Earth Sciences
mhudak2 Michael Hudak Ph.D. Earth Sciences
mmarinja Maria Jose Marin Jarrin Ph.D. Earth Sciences 205 Volcanology 541-346-4669
mmorris9 Matthew Morriss Ph.D. Earth Sciences 541-346-4573
mmuth Michelle Muth Ph.D. NSF Graduate Research Fellow Earth Sciences
mmyers3 Madison Myers Ph.D. Earth Sciences
mwellbor Maia Wellborn Ph.D. Philosophy 221 Susan Campbell Hall Mondays 10:00AM-12:00PM 541-346-7352
nla Nathan Andersen Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar Earth Sciences 541-346-4573
pbarrett Paul Barrett Ph.D. Earth Sciences 301 Volcanology
prichar7 Paul Richardson Ph.D. Earth Sciences 541-346-4573
rkasperi Rugile Kasperiunaite Ph.D. Philosophy 221 Susan Campbell Hall Tuesdays 3-5 PM
rlindgr3 Rhiannon Lindgren Ph.D. GE & GTFF Steward 2021.2022 Philosophy 11C Susan Campbell Hall Thursdays 10-11:50 am in 11B (basement) of SCH. 1-1:50pm in SCH 11B Wednesday 4-4:50 pm in SCH 11B
rmuchall Rhea Muchalla Ph.D. Philosophy
roconno2 Rosa O'Connor Acevedo Ph.D. GE IRES, Philosophy 11 Susan Campbell Hall Spring 2022: Monday 2:50 pm-3:50 pm and Friday 9:50 am-10:50 am
rskarbek Robert Skarbek Ph.D. Earth Sciences
seligman Angela Seligman Ph.D. Earth Sciences
shunjiu Shunji Ukai Ph.D. GE Philosophy 11 Susan Campbell Hall Spring 2022 By Appointment on Fridays 3-5 PM at SCH221
syuhengl (Larry) Syu-Heng Lai Ph.D. Earth Sciences 305A Cascade Hall
tbitton Tali Bitton Ph.D. GE IRES, Philosophy 11 Susan Campbell Hall By Appointment
tnewton Tyler Newton Ph.D. Earth Sciences
win Win McLaughlin Ph.D. Earth Sciences
wsf Will Fitzsimmons Ph.D. 221 Susan Campbell Hall
xiaoo Xiao Ouyang Ph.D. GE Philosophy 11 Susan Campbell Hall Fall 2021 TBA
srajat Sanjula Rajat Ph.D. & G.E. GTFF Steward 2023-2024 Philosophy 221 Student Campbell Hall Thursdays 3-5pm
gonzalob Gonzalo Bustamante-Moya Ph.D. & GE Managing Editor Hypatia Reviews Online | Undergraduate Advisor Philosophy Susan Campbell Hall Room 11B Tuesdays from 11:30-13:30 at 11B Susan Campbell Hall or by appointment
aashraf Asif Ashraf Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences Cascade 105B
cshambau Christopher Shambaugh Ph.D. Candidate GE Philosophy 11 Susan Campbell Hall Fall 2021 TBA
dharfman Dawn Harfmann Ph.D. Candidate Sociology 636 PLC Fall 2022: By appointment only 541-346-5002
gaksit Gui Aksit Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences 218 Volcanology Eugene
kellumt Kellum Tate-Jones Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences 301 Volcanology Eugene Thursdays- 10:00-12:00
nabib Nicole Abib Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences 205 Volcanology
nklema Nate Klema Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences 120B Cascade Hall
pvr Paul Regensburger Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences 103 Volcanology By appointment
rbussard Rebecca Bussard Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences 305C Cascade Hall N/A
tnye Tara Nye Ph.D. Candidate Earth Sciences 324 Cascade Hall
xliu12 Xiaoyu Liu Ph.D. Candidate East Asian Languages 27 Friendly Hall 541-346-4090
ravink Ravinder Kumar Ph.D. candidate and Graduate Employee History 350G McKenzie Hall Eugene Fall 2023,Monday 10am to 12pm 5415799292
hshi Heidi (Hui) Shi Ph.D. in Chinese Linguistics Graduate Employee East Asian Languages 27 Friendly Hall 541-346-4090
abrantle Lyzzy Brantley Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences Cascade 310F Eugene 2:30-4:30 Thursdays
akubo Allison Kubo Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 103 Volcanology
cya Cy Abbott Ph.D. Student Geography 202 Condon Wednesdays 11:30-1:00 541-346-4965
eolsen2 Ellen Olsen Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 205B Cascade Hall Tuesday 2-3pm; Friday 12-1pm
fbalogun Fatai Balogun Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 222A Pacific Hall
hdebasto Helena de Bastos Cruz Machado Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 149 Cascade Annex
jvw Julie Williams-Reyes Ph.D. Student GE Philosophy 11A Susan Campbell Hall Winter 2024 Tuesdays 10am–12pm, email for Zoom link
kwilde Keely Wilde Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 120D Cascade Hall
lconnors Lissie Connors Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 210F Cascade Hall
mcascant Monse Cascante Ph.D. Student Earth Sciences 115 Volcanology