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Usernamesort icon First Name Last Name Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
caleb Caleb Southworth Associate Professor Russian East European and Eurasian Studies, Sociology 740 PLC 541-346-5034
calin Calin Plesa Assistant Professor UO Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact Chemistry and Biochemistry M346 Knight Campus 541-346-7084
calliste Jacob Callister Pro Tem Instructor PPPM 859 Willamette Street Suite 500 Eugene 541-682-4114
calverso Charlotte Alverson Research Assistant Professor College of Education, Education Research and Outreach 205 Clinical Services Bldg 541-346-1390
cameron Trudy Cameron Raymond F. Mikesell Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics Economics, SAIL 428A PLC Spring 2021: By appointment only 541-346-1242
camilles Camille Sullivan Student Employee Stress Neurobiology and Prevention Research (SNAP) Lab
camishar Camisha Russell Assistant Professor of Philosophy English Department, Philosophy Department 233 Susan Campbell Hall Spring 2021 Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:00 - 1:00 at zoom link
camys Camy Sibley Research Assistant Center for Translational Neuroscience 503-510-4418
cap Craig Parsons Professor European Studies, Political Science 930 PLC S21 - Virtual: Wed 12-3 (weeks 1-10 & finals week). Click <a href=>HERE</a> to connect via Teams. 541-346-4402
carey Mark Carey Robert D. Clark Honors College Associate Dean, Professor of History History, Latin American Studies 320A Chapman Hall 541-346-8077
carlac Carla Consolini PhD Student General Linguistics Program Linguistics 265 Straub Hall
carlam Carla Moore Office Specialist Education Research and Outreach 1500 W. 12th Ave. 541-346-7560
carlbell Carl Bell Assistant
carlj Carl Johannessen Professor Emeritus Geography
carmenb Carmen Bravo Research Assistant Psychology Department LISB 541-206-4569
carmens Carmen Sarjeant Courtesy Research Associate Anthropology
carolyns Carolyn Saraceno Project Assistant/Research Assistant Psychology Department 1600 Millrace Dr., Ste 202
carries Carrie Scholtes Doctoral Candidate Center for Translational Neuroscience
casberry Craig Asberry PhD Candidate Graduate Employee Political Science 812 PLC S21 - Virtual: Mon & Wed 1-2 (weeks 1-10 & finals week). Zoom link & instructions avialable via Canvas.
casement Melynda Casement Assistant Professor Center for Translational Neuroscience, Neuroscience, Psychology Department, SAIL 288 Straub Hall 541-346-7051
cashman Katharine Cashman Professor Earth Sciences 100 Cascade Hall (541) 346-4323
cassieg Cassandra Galentine English Graduate Student English Department, IRES 335 PLC S21: No office hours this term 541-346-1496
cathyl Cathy Lee MA Student Language Teaching Studies Language Teaching Studies, Linguistics
cathyr Cathy Rasmussen Registered Nurse 2 Education Research and Outreach 1500 W. 12th Ave. 541-346-3534
cathyw Cathy Watkins Project Coordinator Education Research and Outreach 1600 Millrace Dr., Ste 249 541-346-8978
cbaird Christy Baird EI/ECSE Specialist 1500 W. 12th Ave. 541-515-2674
cballard Catherine Ballard Instructor Arts & Admin Eugene
cbarber Cary Barber Visiting Assistant Professor History
cbates Cara E. Bates Ph.D. Philosophy Department
cbedford Cianna Bedford-Petersen Doctoral Student Psychology Department 332 Straub Hall
cbehm Catherine Behm Graduate Employee, French, MA French, Romance Languages 30 Friendly Hall Eugene Fridays by appointment on Zoom
cbell3 Chris Bell Career Instructor Historic Preservation 265 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-2982
cberg Robert "Chris" Berg Master's Student Economics 431 Plc 541-346-7755
cbjerre Carl S. Bjerre Wallace L. & Ellen A. Kaapcke Professor of Business Law Law, Law-JD 353 Knight Law Center 541-346-3981
cblum Chris Blum Operations Coordinator Economics, Sociology 736 PLC 541-346-1168
cbone Christopher Bone Assistant Professor Geography 164 Condon Hall Mondays at 3:30pm 541-346-4197
cboyter Christi Boyter Senior Academic Advisor, Advising Center Operations Director College of Education 351 HEDCO Education Bldg 541-346-2476
cbrand2 Colin Brand Graduate Student Anthropology Office hours held remotely 541-346-5109
cbriar Cory Briar Doctoral Student Economics 820 PLC Spring 2021: Monday & Wednesday 12-1 PM or by appointment 541-346-7755
cbrooke Corey Brooke PhD student (Addington) Mathematics 312 Fenton Hall 541-346-4737
cbrowni3 Cory Browning Assistant Professor of French European Studies, French, Romance Languages 428 Friendly Hall Tuesday, 1-2 Wednesday, 4-5 and by appointment 541-346-4028
cbrozek Carl Brozek Assistant Professor Chemistry and Biochemistry LISB 434 541-346-0146
cbutler3 Charlie Butler Instructor, ARC Faculty Director SOJC, SOJC-Journalism 135 Franklin Bldg Eugene 541-346-2008
cbyers Corynne Byers Speech and Language Pathologist Assistant Clinical Professor Education Research and Outreach 1500 W. 12th Ave. 458-210-6715
ccalhoon Cristina Calhoon Senior Career Instructor, Undergraduate Advisor Classics 355 Susan Campbell Hall Zoom (email for link): By appointment. Email with any questions ( 541-346-1037
ccapili Christine Capili Graduate Student & Employee Sociology 636 PLC Spring 2021: By appointment only 541-346-1261
ccarman Cristi Carman Project Manager Center for Translational Neuroscience
ccarolan Christine Carolan PhD Candidate Geography 275 Condon Hall
ccatron Chad Catron Instructor, ASL Program College of Education, Communication Disorders and Sciences 253 HEDCO Education Bldg.
ccauley Christina Cauley PhD Student Earth Sciences Cascade Hall 205B Eugene