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Username First Name Last Namesort icon Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
mcrowson Michelle Crowson Comparative Literature Graduate Student Comparative Literature Department 541-346-0934
jcrozier Josh Crozier PhD Candidate Earth Sciences 115 Volcanology Eugene 8327164001
drcrumb David Crumb Professor of Composition and Music Theory Music 267 Frohnmayer Music Bldg Eugene 541-346-3770
pcsonka Paul Csonka Professor Emeritus Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics Department 302 Willamette Hall 541-346-5205
bcudmore Becca Cudmore Doctoral Student
rcuellar Ruby Cuellar Doctoral Student Psychology Department 365 Straub Hall
ecuffari Elena Cuffari Courtesy Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2012-2015 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, Experienced Researcher, TESIS ITN Philosophy Department
acullen Abby Cullen Postdoctoral Scholar Human Physiology 181 Esslinger Hall 541-346-4107
kcc KC Culver Trades Maintenance Worker 2 College of Design Shire, Skamainia Co Eugene 541-225-8133
mcunning Myles Cunningham M.A. Philosophy Department
jeaninec Jeanine Cunningham Graduate Employee Sociology 622 PLC Spring 2022: By appointment only
cupo Dimitra Cupo Pro-Tem Instructor Sociology 622 PLC Spring 2022: By appointment only
lisac Lisa Curran Library Access Services Technician Law 278A Knight Law Center 541-346-1653
lcurrie7 Luke Currie M.A. Philosophy Department 221 Susan Campbell Hall 541-346-5547
curry2 Elizabeth Curry English Graduate Student
pcurtin Pat Curtin Professor SOJC, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Public Relations, SOJC-Strategic Communication 214C Allen Hall Eugene, Portland 541-346-3752
cwc Charles Curtis Professor Emeritus Institute for Fundamental Science, Mathematics 447 Willamette Hall 541-346-5220
aminacs Amina Curto Serrano FIND Coach Consultant Center for Translational Neuroscience, Stress Neurobiology and Prevention Research (SNAP) Lab 423 Lewis Integrative Science Bldg (541) 346-3449
rcushman Rachel Cushman Graduate Teaching Fellow IRES 541-346-0900
jcutler Joshua Cutler PhD Student PhD Student Accounting 291 Anstett 541-346-9078
hcutting Hannah Cutting-Jones Professor pro tempore Food Studies, History 315 McKenzie Hall Mondays, 10:00am-12:00pm
cybula Carmen Cybula Academic Program Coordinator College of Education, Family and Human Services, School Psychology, Special Education 340 HEDCO Education Bldg. 541-346-8209
lcycyk Lauren Cycyk Assistant Professor College of Education, Communication Disorders and Sciences 269 Hedco Education Bldg 541-346-2149
aczenky Agustina Czenky PhD student (Ostrik) Mathematics 202 University Hall 541-346-0139
jdaeges Jennifer Daeges Undergraduate and Program Coordinator OCIAS 175 PLC Tuesday-Thursday, 8:30AM-Noon, 1PM-3:30PM
sdahl Sonja Dahl Instructor, Fibers Studio Technician Research Associate Art Millrace 1, #103
ndahmen Nicole Dahmen Associate Professor, Honors Program Coordinator SOJC, SOJC-Journalism, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Media Studies Undergrad 311D Allen Hall Eugene 541-346-2588
jdaily Jessica Daily PBIS Apps Training Team Lead College of Education, Education Research and Outreach 135G Lokey Education Bldg 541-346-2402
pdalton Paul Dalton Associate Professor UO Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact Chemistry and Biochemistry Knight Campus
dsd Daniel Daly Graduate Employee Music 106 Frohnmayer Music Bldg 541-346-3761
bangd Bang Dang Visiting Professor of Practice Eugene Wednesday, 12PM 972-342-9345
pdaniele Paolo Daniele Assistant Director of Student Services SOJC 134C Allen Hall Eugene 541-346-3804
ddaniels Don Daniels Assistant Professor Linguistics 275 Straub Hall
mdao Mai Dao Pre-PhD student Mathematics 11A University Hall 541-346-4730
mdarin Mike Darin Postdoctoral Scholar Earth Sciences 310D Cascade Hall
bdarling Bruce Darling Instructor of Accounting Pro Tem Accounting 391E Anstett 541-346-0554
garyd Gary Darnielle Instructor 13 Hendricks Hall Eugene 541-346-3635
ddd Deana Dartt-Newton Pro Tem Instructor Arts & Admin 254 Lawrence Eugene 541-346-2687
ldarwin Liliana Darwin Lopez Senior Instructor of Spanish and Spanish Heritage Language, Second Year Supervisor Maestra de español como segunda lengua y lengua de herencia, Supervisora de Segundo Año Romance Languages, Romance Languages Major, Spanish, Spanish Heritage Language Program 20 Friendly Hall SPRING 2022 Martes y jueves (TTh) de 4-5 p.m. 541-346-4104
prd Paul Dassonville Associate Professor Neuroscience, Psychology Department, SAIL 331 LISB 541-346-4956
dassow George von Dassow Associate Professor Biology Department Oregon Inst of Marine Biology 541-346-7291
mdavey Mitch Davey Graduate Employee 106 Frohnmayer Music Bldg 541-346-3761
wdavie William E. Davie Associate Professor Emeritus Philosophy Department
rdavies8 Ryan Davies English Graduate Student / GE English Department 321 PLC 541-346-3915
bdavis9 Ben Davis Graduate Employee 336 Susan Campbell Hall 541-346-4450
jdavis5 Jonathan Davis Assistant Professor Economics 516 PLC Spring 2022: By appointment only
hdavis Howard Davis Professor Architecture, Food Studies 321 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3665
jeffreyd Jeff Davis Undergraduate Coordinator Psychology Department 139a Straub Hall 541-346-4952
mdavis8 Maya E. Davis Research Assistant Research Assistant Psychology Department 103 Deady Hall 541-346-5333
davisan Angela Davis Senior Associate Dean, Academic Programs | Jack O. Rickli Professor of Business Accounting, Lundquist College of Business 352 Lillis Hall Eugene 541-346-3210