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Username First Namesort icon Last Name Title Additional Title E-mail Departments Office City Office Hours Phone
jel3 John Lundquist Program Manager, Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis Lillis 355A 541-346-9234
jfenn John Fenn Assistant Professor Coordinator, Media Management Arts & Admin 211 Lawrence Hall 541-346-1774
jfernel2 John Fernelius English Graduate Student / GE 454 PLC S20 TR 9:30-11 541-346-1512
jfuller2 John Fuller Product Owner Education Research and Outreach 239 Lokey Education Bldg 541-346-3719
jgage John Gage Professor Emeritus English 301K Tykeson Hall By appointment 541-346-3922
jgibson3 John Gibson Graduate Employee Theatre Arts 107 Villard By Appointment 541-346-4204
jguzman3 John Guzman Doctoral Candidate SOJC 312 Allen Hall 541-346-3264
jhamel John Hamel Graduate Employee 336 Susan Campbell Hall 541-346-4450
jinglish John Inglish Pro Tem Instructor 137C Knight Law Center 541-346-3042
jjantzi John Jantzi Senior Instructor of Music Theory, Aural Skills, and Keyboard Skills 108 Frohnmayer Music Bldg Eugene 541-346-3729
jjt John Toner Professor Emeritus Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics 458 Willamette Hall 541-346-0979
jkeana John Keana Professor Emeritus Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry & Polymer Surface Functionalization Chemistry and Biochemistry 386 Onyx Bridge 541-346-4609
jking17 John King Graduate Employee 201 Frohnmayer Music Bldg 541-346-3761
jleahy John Leahy Sr Instructor I Lab Manager 70 NW Couch, White Stag Bldg Portland 503-412-3748
jlind John Lind Research Associate College of Education, Education Research and Outreach 357 Clinical Services Bldg 541-346-9054
jlogan John Logan Courtesy Professor
jmontani John Montani Ph.D. GE Philosophy 11 Susan Campbell Hall Fall 2021 TBA
jmoore10 John Moore Graduate Student East Asian Languages UO Annex Suite 3
jnotar2 John Notar Pro Tem Instructor Lundquist College of Business 109 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97209
johnhull John Hull Pro Tem Instructor 38 NW Davis St., Ste 200 541-346-8953
johnlanc John Lancaster PhD Student, Marketing Lundquist College of Business, Marketing
johnmach John Machacek Postdoctoral Scholar Mathematics 220 UO Annex M 12-1pm, T 10-11am 541-346-5216
johnmccormack John McCormack Pro Tem Instructor 503 994-1650
jpostle John Postlethwait Professor Emeritus Biology 324 Huestis Hall 541-346-4538
jreyn John Reynolds Professor Emeritus Architecture 1479 Moss St 541-346-3642
jrlukacs John Lukacs Professor Emeritus Anthropology, Asian Studies 355 Condon Hall 541-346-5112
jrowell John Rowell Associate Professor Emeritus Architecture, Interior Architecture Program 372 Lawrence Hall Eugene 541-346-3694
jrussial John Russial Associate Professor Emerit SOJC, SOJC-Journalism, SOJC-Journalism Master's, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD 323 Allen Hall 541-346-3750
jrustik John Rustik Outreach and Enrollment Manager Architecture 210 Lawrence Hall 541-346-1740
jsansone John Sansone English Graduate Student / GE English 234 PLC Not teaching Winter Term - checking email sporadically 541-346-0054
jseeley John Seeley Professor Associate Dean for Research Prevention Science, Special Education 358 HEDCO Education Bldg 541-346-3005
jszot John Szot Pro Tem Instructor Portland
jtm John Moseley Professor emeritus Physics 202 Johnson Hall 541-617-4660
jwdavis John Davis Pro Tem Instructor of Marketing Lundquist College of Business, Marketing
jwitte John Witte Senior Instructor Emeritus English 206 PLC Checking email intermittently 541-346-5935
jwood11 John Wood Graduate Employee Music 198C Esslinger 541-346-3761
mccole John McCole Associate Professor Comparative Literature, European Studies, German & Scandinavian, History 303 McKenzie Hall Spring 2023 W 2-4 in McKenzie 303, or email me for a Zoom link 541-346-5906
mcgrathj John McGrath Director of Development SOJC 70 NW Couch St., Ste 320 Portland 503-412-3726
mellgren John Mellgren Pro Tem Instructor, Environmental Law Clinic 541-359-0990
myersj John Myers Career Instructor Pro Tem Instructor Law, Law-CRES, Psychology 429 Straub Hall
nic John Nicols Professor Emeritus Classics, History 350 McKenzie Hall 541-346-4817
park John Park Career Instructor Art 101 Millrace 1 Eugene 541-346-2683
zzhao John Zhao AP2 CASIT 441G McKenzie Hall 541-346-1386
jfoster John Bellamy Foster Professor Emeritus Sociology 628 PLC Winter 2023: 11:00 A.M.--1:00 P.M. Tuesdays (Zoom Drop-In Office Hours), or by appointment 11:00-12:00 (Email Office Hours) 541-346-5016
johnnyw Johnny Webb Courtesy Research Associate 107 Condon Hall 541-346-4555
jryan4 Johnny Ryan Assistant Professor Geography 163 Condon Hall 541-346-4967
brundan Jon Brundan Professor Associate Department Head & Director of Undergraduate Studies College Scholars, Mathematics 319 Fenton Hall Monday 11-12, Wednesday 11-12 and 1-2, Thursday 1-2 541-346-5626
jbellona Jon Bellona Senior Instructor I of Audio Production Music 124 Frohnmayer Music Bldg Eugene 541-346-7359
jerland Jon Erlandson Professor Emeritus Anthropology Mnh, 1680 E 15th Ave, Rm 108 541-346-5115
jmills Jon Mills Graduate Student OMQ