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Audrey Lucero is an associate professor of language and literacy education in the Department of Education Studies. She has been at the University of Oregon since 2011. She is also the director of the UO Latinx Studies program, which launched in 2020. In her role as professor, Dr. Lucero teaches courses at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral level. She has chaired 5 dissertations and served as a committee member on many more. Her research interests are always evolving, but are centered on schooling for Latinx students and others from marginalized communities, as well as how those experiences influence their identities as literate beings. This work has various strands, including investigating the language and literacy practices of bilingual elementary school children in both Spanish and English, as well as considering the instructional practices teachers enact to facilitate those practices. Her most recent work in this area is focused on critical literacy pedagogy and she is facilitating teacher professional development workshops to this end. She is using critical discourse analysis to analyze the ways in which teachers who participate in professional development discuss race, ethnicity, language, and similar issues both in their classrooms and among themselves.

In her role as director of the Latinx Studies program, Dr Lucero works closely with the Center for Latino/a and Latin American studies, the Latinx Strategies group, the Dreamers Working Group, and the Latinx Scholars Academic Residential Community (ARC). She is one of the faculty directors of the ARC and teaches a fall seminar with first-year students.