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BLA, 1986, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Management, Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein Velp
Landscape Architecture, 1991,
Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
MLA, 1997, University of Oregon

Anita Van Asperdt is a landscape architect with more than 20 years of professional experience in the United States and Europe. She is the owner of LandCurrent, a full service landscape architecture firm that focuses on contemporary design issues. Ms. Van Asperdt started LandCurrent in 2001. She has served as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the University of Oregon Department of Landscape Architecture since 1997. Recently, she taught a design studio in Amsterdam, Netherlands through the University of British Columbia.

Ms Van Asperdt started her career authoring a book on stream restoration after which she moved to Amsterdam where she designed streetscapes, pocket parks and play areas. For LandCurrent, Ms. Van Asperdt leads a wide variety of projects, including the design of Hoquarton Trail and Park in Tillamook, Oregon, Cooper Mountain Natural Area in Beaverton, Oregon, the Urban Design Master Plan for the Courthouse Neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon and several commercial designs and contemporary garden projects.

In addition, Ms. Van Asperdt seeks to combine her interest in the art of design, children’s play environments and the natural world through the development of natural playgrounds. She is regarded as an expert on natural playgrounds with nationwide design assignments and speaking engagements. Ms. Van Asperdt has led the design for a natural play and discovery area for the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania and the design of three distinct natural play environments for the Ottawa Montessori School in Ontario Canada.