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Research and Teaching


Robert taught acting full time until June 2006, then went to a reduced teaching load of two courses a year up through spring of 2011, at which time he retired and focused more strongly on his writing career.

“Studying acting is one of the best ways to learn more about how to be alive.  There can be a strong connection between acting in plays and film and simply acting one’s own life better.”

Awards, Accomplishments, Publications:

Robert  has been the recipient of the American College Theatre festival’s Outstanding Acting Coach award as well as the Theatre Association’s Best Book award.  He is a prolific author with seven books in current editions and more under contract. His column “Many Right Ways” appears in each edition of The Voice and Speech Review.

An interview with Robert is featured in the book Voice and Speech Training in The New Millenium: Conversations with Master Teachers (Limelight, 2011).  The new edition of his text Voice: Onstage and Off (Routledge, 2011)includes a complete recording of the text on the  site, making it one of the first theatre art audio books.  He is currently working on a new, revised edition of the classic text The Craft of Comedy by Athene Seyler.

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