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With a strong focus on student success, faculty relationships and campus partnerships, Ben currently administers graduate programs for Environmental Studies and Geography. He is responsible for admitting, orienting and working to ensure completions of all masters and doctoral students. He does the hiring, processing, and training of GE’s and is responsible for maintaining the graduate handbooks, listservs, websites and GDRS with Division of Graduate School. Prior to this Ben managed a graduate portfolio of 11 programs for the new School of Global Studies & Languages and prior to that he was working as both the Isolation & Quarantine Coordinator and serving as the Conduct & Care Coordinator for Residence Life within University Housing, here at the University of Oregon. As the I/Q Coordinator, Ben was responsible for managing the University’s COVID-19 response for all on-campus students. As the Conduct and Care Coordinator, Ben heard and adjudicated conduct cases that involved students in residence life. Ben worked as a Project Manager for various carbon, life cycle, and sustainability projects, as a District Manager for Albertsons Fuel and Convenience Centers, and as an Assistant Operations Manager for GMAC. Ben has a Bachelor of Science in Sociology, a Master of Science Environmental Studies, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Oregon. Additionally, Ben has a Conflict Dispute Resolution specialization from the UO Law School, is certified in sustainable business practices, and is a Registered Environmental Professional.