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Corvallis, Oregon.

Song on Repeat

There's so many, and they're usually playing in my head! From Hildegard von Bingen, to ABBA, to Child Ballads, to Madonna, to Henry Purcell, to Annie Lennox, to Bach, to Club Root, to Gilbert and Sullivan, to Beats Antique, to Mozart, to Starry Olsa, Lerner and Loewe, to Helium Vola.

Why IT and Tech Support ?

My father taught high school physics, chemistry, and some biology; my mother was a county extension agent (think help desk for homemakers)—so teaching, training, and guiding is a part of my make-up. I enjoy enabling folks to be able to use computing tools to do what they are interested in. As a college computer help desk intern, I discovered that I had an ability to bridge between student and faculty end users and computer systems administrators, which enabled me to translate between the two groups.

Advice For Students

Ask yourself questions every day; questions like, "What is the myth (in the traditional story sense) that I am living?", "How does this work?", and "What boundaries am I living within right now and do I want to cross any of them?"

Guilty Pleasure

Asking people what they mean by the phrase "guilty pleasure": forbidden activities? addiction? indulgences? privileged consumption?

What's been inspiring you lately?

The speakers at Stonewall Day, June 2023, especially the trans activists, who reminded me that being out, alive, and visible is a political act of defiance against a boatload of institutionalized -isms.