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Cengiz Zopluoglu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences at the University of Oregon. His research interests are centered around item response theory, psychometrics, latent variable modeling, and integrating machine learning methods into educational measurement. Dr. Zopluoglu has published and contributed numerous articles on psychometrics and statistical methods, and their applications in educational and behavioral sciences. Dr. Zopluoglu has taught advanced courses on psychometrics and statistical methodology including General Linear Models, Item Response Theory, Measurement and Psychometric Theory, Categorical Data Analysis, and Data Analysis with R in Educational and Behavioral Research. Dr. Zopluoglu holds a masters and doctorate degrees in Quantitative Methods in Education from the Department of Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota. Before joining the faculty at the University of Oregon, Dr. Zopluoglu served seven years as a faculty in the Research, Measurement, and Evaluation Program in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies (EPS) at the University of Miami.