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University of Toronto, PhD 1985

Prof Lachman holds a PhD in East Asian Studies from the University of Toronto, and has served at UO as Director of the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, as Curator of Asian Art at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum, and as Head of the Department of the History of Art & Architecture. His research and teaching interests include the history of Chinese landscape painting, Chinese art theory, and Buddhist art (especially Chan/Zen painting).

Selected Publications

A Way With Words:  The Calligraphic Art of Jung Do-jun  (JSMA/University of Washington Press, 2006).  

The Ten Symbols of Longevity:  An Important   Korean Screen  in  the  Collection   of  the  Jordan  Schnitzer   Museum of Art,  The  Collection  in Context  series  (JSMA/University of Washington  Press,  2006).

Evaluations of Sung Dynasty Painters of Renown: Liu Tao-ch'un's Sung-ch'ao ming-hua p'ingT'oung Pao monographie  XVI  (Leiden:  E.J.Brill, 1990).

Ming-ch'i Figures from the Collection  of William  F. Little  (Hanover:  Hood  Museum,  1989).

“Images” In Oxford Bibliographies in Buddhism. Ed. Richard Payne. New York: Oxford University Press, 2016

“Buddhism:  Image As Icon, Image as Art,” Chapter  27 in the Oxford  Handbook  of Religion  and  the Arts, ed. Frank  Burch  Brown (Oxford  University  Press,  2018),367-378. 

"Art," in Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism, ed. Donald Lopez (Chicago: University of Chicago Press,  2005),  37-55.

“Chan Art” and “Bodhisattva Imagery,” in The Encyclopedia of Buddhism, ed. Robert Buswell (New York: Macmillan, 2003).

"Blindness and Oversight: A Double-Portrait of Qianlong and the New Sinology," Journal of the American Oriental Society 116.4  (1996): 736-44.

"Why Did the Patriarch Cross the River?  The Rushleaf Bodhidharma Reconsidered," Asia  Major  3rd ser. 6.2 (1993): 237-268.

 "The 'Image Made by Chance' in China and the West: Ink Wang Meets Jackson Pollock's Mother,"  Art Bulletin LXXIV.3 (1992): 499-510.

 "Arhats in the Treetops,"  Artibus  Asiae  51.3/4  (1991): 234-256.

Selected Courses Taught 

ARH 207  Arts of India
ARH 208  Arts of China
ARH 384  Art of Death in China
ARH 385  Chinese Painting: Tang, Song, Yuan
ARH 386  Later Imperial China
ARH 387  Chinese Buddhist Art
ARH 399  Arts of Korea
ARH 4|584  Landscape and Garden in Traditional China
ARH 607  The Place of Writing in Chinese Art
ARH 607  Text and Image
ARH 607  Chinese Art Theory and Criticism
ARH 607  East Asian Ceramics
ARH 610  The Presence of the Past in Chinese Art
ARH 611  Art Historical Theories and Methodologies