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My study of French began when I was an undergrad and has continued ever since. My opportunities to live and work for extended periods of time in France, as a student, a teacher of English, a chaperone and administrator for student orchestras on tours in Europe, and as a researcher have all deepened my passion for both the French language and culture and broadened my understanding of my own.  I've spent time studying the modern Occitan dialect of lemosi in Corrèze (in Central France), and, more recently, modern Italian.  I thoroughly enjoy helping students discover the joy of gaining fluency in another language and of learning more about Francophone cultures. 

Training and mentoring language teachers has always been among the most rewarding aspects of my work.  While at Syracuse University, I worked with students in the Future Professoriate Program who were earning a Certificate of University Teaching while pursuing their graduate degrees.  I participated in annual training workshops, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, for Fulbright Teaching Assistants from around the world who come to the U.S. to teach their native languages.  In addition, I served as the faculty liaison for high school teachers in the N.E. who taught SU's French classes in their secondary classrooms.  Now a member of the vibrant French program at the UO, I relish the continuing opportunities to help students gain fluency in French and explore the French-speaking world and to contribute to the professional development of new instructors of French!