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Professor Chad Randl examines cultures of building conservation, design, and inhabitation with a focus on change and the trajectories of popular taste. Before joining the faculty at the University of Oregon, Randl had visiting instructor appointments at Cornell University’s Department of Architecture and Design + Environmental Analysis and at the Syracuse University School of Architecture. From 2000 to 2007, Randl worked in in the Technical Preservation Services Branch of the National Park Service where he researched and wrote historic preservation publications including Preservation Briefs and Preservation Tech Notes. He is the author of A-Frame (2004) and Revolving Architecture: A History of Buildings that Rotate, Swivel and Pivot (2008), both published by Princeton Architectural Press. His work has appeared in Buildings & Landscapes, The Senses and Society, the Journal of Architecture, and the edited volume Archi.Pop. Randl has served as a co-editor of Preservation Education and Research (PER) and as a guest editor for APT Bulletin: The Journal of Preservation Technology. In March 2019, he co-chaired the Preserving the Recent Past 3 conference at the University of Southern California. Currently Randl is writing a history of postwar residential remodeling in the United States.