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Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Feeding Fascism” interview for Yeah Nah Pasaran podcast.  Recorded on February 3, 2023 with Cam Smith and Shane Burley.

Food and Populism” interview for Smart Mouth podcast.  Recorded on January 16, 2023 with Katherine Spiers.

“Culinary Nationalism” interview for Talk of the Town, WADC 1540 AM, Newport RI.  Recorded on October 19, 2022 with Bruce Newbury.

Farming under Fascism” interview for F15teen Minutes of Fascism podcast, “Fascism and the Environment” series.  Recorded on June 22, 2022 with Craig Johnson.

The Queen of Chocolate” interview for What’sHerName podcast. Recorded on June 21, 2022 with Olivia Nelson.

Feeding Fascism” interview for 55 Voices for Democracy podcast. Recorded on May 18, 2022 with Tom Zoellner and Aida Baghernehad.

When You’re Good to Mama: Feeding Mothers under Fascism,” Mother’s Day lecture for Chicago Culinary Historians in Chicago, IL (May). (Winner of The Syllabus’ May 24, 2022 Podcast of the Week). 

Feeding Fascism” interview for A Taste of the Past podcast. Recorded on May 12, 2022 with Linda Pelaccio.

Luisa Spagnoli” interview for Herstory on the Rocks podcast. Recorded on April 28, 2022 with Allie and Katie Greenwood.

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Archive” interview with Women of Herstory podcast.  Recorded on April 5, 2022 with Heather Ashley.

Feeding Fascism” interview for New Books in History podcast. Recorded on April 1, 2022 with Nathan Edwin Hopson.

A Meal Fit for a Colonist” and “Fascism Fell while Rice Grew” interviews for Delicious History podcast. Recorded on March 16, 2022 with Dave Militello.

The Transnational History of Italian Coffee,” interview for Eat This Podcast, “Coffee” series. Recorded on June 16, 2021 with Jeremy Cherfas.       

What Protectors of Democracy Can Learn from the History of Italian Fascism,” interview for Morning Edition and All Things Considered on Oregon Public Radio, National Public Radio.  Recorded on November 9, 2020 with Jenn Chávez.  

Food, Fascism, and Language,” interview for Curious: Where Research Meets Radio on Jefferson Public Radio Exchange, National Public Radio. Recorded on February 10, 2020 with Geoffrey Riley.

Fascist and Neo-Fascist Oppression of Women,” interview for Treyf: A Debatably Jewish Podcast, “Fascism and the Far-Right” series.  Recorded on September 8, 2019 by Sam Bick and David Zinman.

Media Mentions

Holiday traditions aren’t all cheery.  Some are weird or a bit scary.” Interview for The Washington Post, “KidsPost” section. Published on December 20, 2022 by Gina Rich. 

La soberanía alimentaria según Giorgia Meloni: retórica y proteccionismo,” La Vanguardia, “Comer” section.  Published on December 8, 2022 by Rosa Molinero Trias.

In the Dolomites, South Tyrol is a Pleasure Worth Exploring.” Interview for The Washington Post, “Travel” section. Published on August 11, 2022 by Gina Rich.  

Baby Formula Shortages Can Easily Get Swept up in Political Currents.” The Washington Post. Made by History. May 27, 2022.

A decadência dos EUA, da economia aos costumes.” Interview for Carta Capital.  Published on May 25, 2022 by Clarissa Carvalhaes.

Author Interview: Feeding Fascism,” Nursing Clio.  Published on May 24, 2022 by Emily Contois.

Rehearsing for Rebellion: On ‘Bella Ciao’ and Italy’s Radical Rice Weeders,” Lapham’s Quarterly.  Published on June 3, 2020 by Alessandra Bergamin.

Caffè corretto,” interview for Punch magazine, “Coffee” column.  Published on October 26, 2018 by Katie Parla.    

 “Barley Coffee: It’s Just as Good as it Sounds,” interview for Saveur magazine, “Drink” column.  Published on January 19, 2018 by Prathap Nair.