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With his primary focus on professional practice, David Gault spent nearly all of his public education career in the Eugene-Springfield area serving as a faculty member at three Springfield Junior High’s and Springfield High School (23 years); and then the University of Oregon. After retiring from School District No. 19, David began again at the University of Oregon in the Teacher Training and Licensure Programs. He served as an adjunct and supervising faculty, then as a content specialist and content manager, then as a faculty supervisor for secondary science in the UOTeach Program.

David is best known for his supportive and encouraging work with graduate students within the Education Studies Department as they labor as teacher candidates through their practica at local public middle and high schools. He has also served the Eugene and Oregon communities for 26 years (most of the years concurrently) as a commissioned officer in the US Air Force Reserve Forces from which he has also retired. In addition to his middle-secondary classroom instruction he has always added participation in student extracurricular activities, coaching football, basketball, and baseball.

He has supervised about 8 dozen successful teaching candidates who have attained their Oregon license and a Master’s Degree in Teaching and Learning from the University of Oregon. Some of the applicants and teacher candidates have changed to teaching as a profession, leaving well accomplished research and professional service careers. Many have started in their school buildings and then later become cooperating teachers for the newly ready candidates. One of the early teachers from the College has become a senior administrator in the Eugene School District. One has conferred for public education as a congressional staffer in Washington D.C.