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  • Haptics, graphics and audio constitute the general area of multi- sensory interaction for which Dr. Douglas seeks to establish a theory and experimental basis. Applications of this theory include sensory substitution such as using haptics for visually disabled people as an alternative to GUI's.
  • Working with models of usability and computer-mediated collaboration Dr. Douglas has been involved in the development of specialized support for scientific discovery since 1995 when she developed the University of Oregon database for zebrafish genetics (ZFIN), the first biological database developed specifically for the WWW. Dr. Douglas has a current project with post-doc Marc Hansen looking at innovative information management and visualization for fMRI and EEG neuroinformatics experiments.
  • Dr. Douglas has been studying the teaching of studio-based design used in (building) architecture to improve the design of GUI interfaces. A newly funded 2007 NSF CISE Science of Design grant supports this research in collaboration with Virginia Tech and the University of Montana.