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Professor Vetri held a trial court clerkship with Chief Judge Harold Kolovsky of the New Jersey Superior Court and worked with the New Jersey law firm of Meyner & Wiley. He is a specialist in torts, product liability, rights of privacy, gay and lesbian civil rights, and art law. He has published on product liability, negligence, copyright, civil rights, gay and lesbian issues, and other topics; several of his articles have been published in international journals. Vetri developed the law school's Civil Law Clinic, in conjunction with Lane County Legal Services, Inc., and along with several students, created the school's original Moot Court program. Vetri and co-authors published the third edition of the casebook Tort Law and Practice in 2006. Vetri has won the university's prestigious Burlington Northern Teaching Award and the school's Orlando John Hollis Faculty Teaching Award as well as the University’s Charles Johnson Award for his civil rights work. Vetri serves on the Oregon Law Commission.