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Books: Slavery and the Politics of Place: The Colonial Caribbean, 1770-1833 (2015); Romantic Literature and Postcolonial Studies (2013); Travel Writing 1700-1830 (2005); Women Travel Writers and the Language of Aesthetics, 1716-1818 (1995).  

Sample Essays and Chapters: "Age of Peregrination: Travel Writing and the Eighteenth-Century Novel" in Blackwell Companion to the Eighteenth-Century Novel and Culture;"A Long Way From Home: Slavery, Travel, and Imperial Geography in The History of Mary Prince" in Women on the Verge of Home; "The Picturesque Plantation in Matthew Lewis's Journal of a West India Proprietor" in European Romantic Review; "The Gentleman Planter and the Metropole: Long's History of Jamaica" in The Country and the City Revisited: England and the Politics of Culture, 1560-1840.