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  • WHEN WE LOVE SOMEONE WE SING TO THEM, illustrated by Maya Christina González (Reflections Press,  2018).​

  • THE TRULY DIVERSE FACULTY: NEW DIALOGUES IN AMERICAN HIGHER EDUCATION, co-edited with Stephanie Fryberg (Palgrave Press, 2014).


  • GAY LATINO STUDIES: A CRITICAL READER, co-edited with Michael Hames-García (Duke University Press, 2011).



  • LA SERENATA. [Feature Film Screenplay | 107 pages]. Co-written with Adelina Anthony. * Awards: Diverse Voices Screenwriting Lab Semifinalist (2022).

  • DANIEL VISITS A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD. [Animated Feature | 44 min.]. Co-written with Jill Turner. (9 Story Media, 2021 | PBS Broadcast, June 20, 2022). 

  • LA SERENATA SHORT FILM. [Short Film | 13 min.]. Written and co-produced by Ernesto Martínez. Dir. by Adelina Anthony. (Aderisa Productions, 2019 | HBO Broadcast 2020-22). * Awards: 8 “Best Film” Awards, 20+ Film Festivals

Episodes (Digitial and TV)

  • THE BOY WHO BECAME A RIVER. [Animated Pilot | 20 pages.| Unproduced]. Written and co-produced by Ernesto Martínez. * Contracted (“ROFR”) by Sesame Workshop, 2020-21. Finalist, Ojalá Ignition Lab, 2021.

  • "Musical Show and Share." [Live Action Episode | 3 min.] Sesame Street - Ready for School, Ready for the World (RSRW). Written by Ernesto Martínez. (Sesame Street, 2021 | Digital Broadcast, April, 2022).

  • "Cantar." [Live Action Episode | 3 min.] Sesame Street - Spanish Word of the Day. Written by Ernesto Martínez. Digital Series (Sesame Workshop 2021| Sesame Youtube Broadcast 2021).


  • “Con quién, dónde, y por qué te dejas? Reflections on Joto Passivity,” Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies. 39:1 (2014)

  • “Constructed Strugglers: The Impact of Diversity Narratives on Junior Faculty of Color,” co-written with Stephanie Fryberg. In The Truly Diverse Faculty: New Dialogues in American Higher Education, co-edited with Stephanie Fryberg. Palgrave Macmillan Press. 2014.

  • “Foreward,” Amorcito Corazón: Poems. By Lorenzo Herréra y Lozano. Kórima Press, 2014.  

  • "Officially Advocated, Institutionally Undermined: Diversity Rhetoric and the Subjective Reality of Junior Faculty of Color,” co-written with Stephanie Fryberg and Victoria Plaut. International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nationas. 11.2 (2012).   

  • “Re-membering Gay Latino Studies,” co-written with Michael Hames-García. In Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader. Duke University Press. 2011.​

  • “Shifting the Site of Queer Enunciation: Manuel Muñoz and the Politics of Form.” In Gay Latino Studies: A Critical Reader. Duke University Press. 2011. ​

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  • “Dying to Know: Identity and Self-Knowledge in Baldwin’s Another Country.” PMLA: Publication of the Modern Language Association. 124.3 (2009).