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Ed Warnock works internationally with private- and public-sector leaders to plan, execute, and sustain strategic change. His professional experience includes:

  • International speaker and consultant on strategy performance management
  • Chief operations officer for an oil field services company in Texas
  • Board of directors of numerous organizations including an international development agency serving in over sixty countries
  • Thermodynamics research engineer at the Michelson-Morley Laboratory
  • Director of an international development project in Sudan, Africa
  • Russian linguist for the U.S. Air Force
  • Bush pilot in Africa and the Philippines

He is a coauthor of The Change Management Body of Knowledge and the developer of an extensive toolset for visualizing and managing strategic change. Warnock also serves as the CEO of the Perlan Project, which is building a high-altitude research glider designed to explore the polar vortex and determine the vortex's impact on global weather patterns, ozone depletion, and global warming. The Perlan research glider is designed to fly at 90,000 feet, which would establish a new world record for wing-borne flight now held by the SR-71 Blackbird.