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Dr. Kennedy's research focuses on the impact of austerity and neoliberal structural reforms on the labor markets and social structures of Southern Europe. His work brings together comparative political economy, economic sociology and global labor studies. He has held academic posts in Canada, England, Ireland and Cyprus. 

He is currently working on a book called Embedding Neoliberalism in Greece:  The Politics of Austerity in a Time of Crisis, that examines the contested process of embedding neoliberalism in Greece in the context of the Eurozone Crisis. His most recent publication, titled 'From Competitive Corporatism to Embedded Austerity: Neoliberalism and Structural Reform in Greece during the Eurozone Crisis,' is now out in the Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies, 7: 1 (2018). He has another article, called ‘Austerity, Labour Market Reform and the Growth of Precarious Employment in Greece during the Eurozone Crisis,’ forthcoming in the autumn issue of the Global Labour Journal.

Dr. Kennedy is also the author of Diggers, Levellers, and Agrarian Capitalism: Radical Political Thought in Seventeenth Century England (2008), a study that looks at the emergence of grassroots movements in opposition to the development of agrarian capitalism in early modern England.