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  • G.D. McDonald, L. Ojha. Spatially variable crater morphology on the dwarf planet Haumea.
  • L. Ojha, B. Troncone, J. Buffo, B. Journaux, G.D. McDonald. Liquid Water on Cold Exo-Earths
    via Basal Melting of Ice Sheets. Nature Communications 13:7521, 2022. 022-35187-4">
  • G.D. McDonald, J.S. Méndez Harper, L. Ojha, P. Corlies, J. Dufek, R.C. Ewing, L. Kerber.
    Aeolian sediment transport on Io from lava-frost interactions. Nature Communications, 2022.
  • J.S. Méndez Harper, J. Dufek, G.D. McDonald. Detection of spark discharges in an agitated
    Mars dust simulant isolated from foreign surfaces. Icarus 357, 114268, 2021.
  • P. Corlies*, G.D. McDonald*, A.G. Hayes, J.J. Wray, M. Adamkovics, M.J. Malaska, M.L.
    Cable, J.D. Hofgartner, S. Hörst, L.R. Liuzzo, J.J. Buffo, R.D. Lorenz, E.P. Turtle. Transmission
    windows in Titan’s lower troposhere: Implications for infrared spectrometers aboard future aerial
    and surface missions. Icarus 357, 114228, 2021.
    *Authors contributed equally