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Selected publications:

Jacobsen, M., Smith, H., Huber-Stearns, H., Davis, E. J., Cheng, T., & Deak, A. (2021). Comparing social constructions of wildfire risk across media, government, and participatory discourse in a Colorado fireshed. Forthcoming in Journal of Risk Research.

Smith, H., Bidwell, A., Moore, A., Smythe, T., & McCann, J. (2018). The social dynamics of turbine tourism: Introducing a mixed-methods approach to the study of the United States’ first offshore wind farm. Energy Research & Social Science, 45, 307-317.

Willoughby, J. F., & Smith, H. (2016). Communication strategies and new media platforms: Exploring the synergistic potential of health and environmental communication. Science Communication, 1-10                                   

Smith, H., Suldovsky, B., & Lindenfeld, L. (2016). Mass communication research in sustainability science: Moving toward an engaged approach to address society’s sustainability dilemma. Mass Communication & Society, 19(5), 548-565.                                

Smith, H., Suldovsky, B., & Lindenfeld, L. (2016). Science & policy: Scientific expertise and individual participation in boundary management. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 44(1), 78-95.                                                                   

Meyer, S., Levesque, V., Johnson, M., McGreavy, B., Dreyer, S., Bieluch, K., & Smith, H. (2015). Sustainability science graduate students as boundary spanners. Environmental Studies and Sciences, 6(2), 344-353.                                                                                       

Smith, H., & Norton, T. (2014). That’s why I call it a task farce: Organizations in participatory processes. Environmental Communication, 7(4), 456-474.

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McGreavy, B., Hutchins, K., Smith, H., Lindenfeld, L., & Silka, L. (2013). Sustainability, boundaries, and communication: Addressing context, strategies, and the complexities of coproduction. Sustainability, 5(10), 4195-4221.               

Selected inivited contributions:

Smith, H. (2019). Foreword for Climate Change, Media & Culture: Critical Issues in Global Environmental Communication, eds: P. Prado & Juliet Pinto. Palgrave Press.

Smith, H., & McGreavy, B. (2018). Editorial: Science and environmental journalism: Trends, boundaries, and opportunities for a rapidly evolving industry. Frontiers in Communication.