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Recent Publications

Harrison, Jill Ann. Forthcoming. “’Down Here We Rely on Fishing and Oil’: Work Identity and Fishers' Responses to the BP Oil Spill Disaster.” Sociological Perspectives.     

Harrison, Jill Ann. 2017. “Rust Belt Boomerang: The Pull of Place in Moving Back to a Legacy City.” City and Community 16(3):263-283.

Harrison, Jill Ann, Steven H. Lopez, and Andrew Martin.  2015. "Rethinking Organizational Decoupling: Fields, Power Struggles, and Work Routines." Social Currents 2(4):1-20. 

Harrison, Jill Ann. 2012. Buoyancy on the Bayou: Shrimpers Face the Rising Tide of Globalization. Ithaca, NY: ILR Press.