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Contributing writer – Letter from State of Oregon to the Environmental Protection Agency on the proposed Clean Power Plan.  Available at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality website.

FERC Policy on Demand Response and Order 719; U.S. Department of Energy, GridWise 2010

The Environmental Duties of Public Utility Commissions for 2006; Vermont Journal of Environmental Law Spring Symposium 2006

Contributing writer - Brief of Amici Curiae, Association of State Wetland Managers, Association of State Floodplain Managers, and New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission in Support of Respondent United States. John A. Rapanos, et ux., et al., v. United States; June Cararbell, et al., v. United States Army Corps of Engineers, et al.

Transactive Energy and the Regulatory Construct; U.S. Department of Energy, GridWise 2016